Friday, April 01, 2016

Victoria - Movie Review


Who's In It?

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What's It About?

After meeting a group of lads outside a club in Berlin, Victoria (from Madrid - doesn't speak German) becomes their getaway driver. We follow her in one stylish, often adrenaline filled single take. 

Any Good?

I'd heard about rumblings about Victoria for a while now because it was said to be shot in one take, with little more info. I'd recommend going into it with exactly that amount of info too, after reading this spoiler free review of course!

The opening totally blew me away, never have I been so taken in by a single scene. Set in a Berlin club to an instantly infectious EDM by DJ Koze; the blinding strobe lights made me feel like I was right there in that club with her. Fully immersive from the outset, just how I like my cinema.

In terms of realism, our cast of drunk lads marauding around when they're kicked from a club nailed it, but you get a real sense of comradely between them;the attachment to the characters really sneaked up on me. Victoria herself, though the key player was dulled by the lingering shots of her literally doing nothing. They may have added to the overall tone but made her seem awkward, not relateable in the least.

This film came out of nowhere for me, and I'm so glad I caught it. The one shot film concept was almost perfect, with the exception of the long shots of nothing elongating the film more than needed. It reminded me of a French Drive (despite being German), so if Drive was your thing you'll love it.

It seems to only be showing in (Dublin Cinemas) The Lighthouse Smithfield and the IFI, but I highly recommend trying to get to see it in theatres for the opening scene alone.


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