Sunday, September 09, 2018

Tellybox Beauty Breakdown ft Clinique, Tarte, Hourglass, Urban Decay, Clarins & Laura Mercier!

Intro to Tellybox Beauty Breakdown - The Series: 

Yes, I've been talking about these beauty posts for months now, but, as these pictures taken in the Virgin Media car park before I go back to IRL work can attest, I'm a busy woman. The beauty side of this blog has suffered and Imma try to right that wrong. I've been lucky enough to be a panelist on Virgin Media's Elaine on for over two years now ( I KNOW!). If you're not Irish, think of us as Looser Women - I'm biased but we rock. All outspoken, opinionated, hilarious women, unafraid to stand up for themselves and others. Of late I'm on the tellybox an average of 3-4 days per month, during my lunch from my day job on a Homeless Team. Yes, really. 

Because I record on the fly, I get to studio with my makeup ready to go most days, other days the Virgin Media Makeup Gals help a sister out. Think of me as a Real Housewife of Fingal County. Because I already have a day in the office under my belt before I arrive, the products I use have to wear well, hold their own and look flawless on HG TV. In this series of posts 'Tellybox Beauty Breakdown' I'll show you exactly what I use, the great, the good and the Oh GOD save your money because, Lord knows, I'm not the only busy woman in the world. Helpful, right? 

I'll also include a link to the Elaine TV show in question, so that you'll get to see the actions shots, so to speak. Unfiltered, unfecked with, these links will show you the truth (And more often than not, me on a feminist rant on national television- FUN!) 

This week I used a brand new product from a Press drop, some holy grails and some old favourites. It was a good makeup day. Ready?!

Special Mention for Garnier Olia's Rose Gold dye (I'm verging on obsessed) 

Clinique Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly €42 HERE

First up, Cliniques brand spanky Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly. This arrived as a Press sample last month and my skin LOVES it. Lightweight and oil free, this water jelly is the most original product I've seen in 2018 (The Year of The White Label Yawn). 

Suitable for all skin types, but a manna from heaven for acne prone skin (Caroline Hirons taught me acne prone skin needs wetter moisture - ooh-er) it absorbs quickly, locks in moisture and my makeup sticks to this refreshing jelly like GLUE. Highly recommended when you need your face for the day... So, always. 

Hourglass Vanish Stick Foundation in Shell €47 HERE

Hourglass Makeup Vanish Seamless Foundation Stick is everything I wanted Pan Stick to be back in the day. Granted Hourglass may disown me for even mentioning the P word, but it is what it is. I picked this up for €47 on the brand new Hourglass counter in Arnotts last month. If you haven't been, you should go!

This foundation applies so simply, 3 stripes on each face section (Lion King impressions recommended) It is FULL coverage when built up with zero concealer needed, unheard of for me, yet it wears weightlessly on the skin. My normal skin is all about it, I paint it on and buff it in with a dense foundation brush and, once set (with either Ambient Light or Laura Mercier), it goes nowhere. 

Hourglass says it's suitable for all skin types but, to me, if you're a dry gal, you're going to want serious moisturising underneath to keep it from turning cakey. I wear Shell and for my skin, it's long wearing, luminous perfection 👌

Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder €42 HERE
Laura Mercier's Translucent Powder is worth the hype. All of it. It's soft focus photo shop for your face with zero flashback or cakeyness. I picked this up for €42 in BTs during the summer and we've been in love ever since. 

I was foolishly talked into buying the complementary powder puff for €15 because the girl on counter was a great saleswoman and, despite being a beauty blogger for almost 10 years now, the BT Beauty Hall still intimidates me. Trust me, you don't need the €15 puff. You need the slightest amount on either your dense brush or a damp beauty blender and you need to prepare yourself to be appreciatively checking your reflection for the rest of the day. This is just that good. HYPE. 

Tarte Tarteist Pro to Go! £24.99 HERE

I'm about to make a bold statement, I know, shocker. This, right here, the Tarteist Pro to Go is my favourite palette of all time. OF. ALL. TIME. This teeny, unassuming moment of warm, buttery soft shadows beats out every single one of my other bajillion. 

The colours are ridiculously flattering on all skin tones, they blend like a dream and they are very, very hard to get wrong. Every which way I've worn them, I've had compliments. My wee one is so battered from such good lovin' that I've ordered a new one from Amazon just so I'm not deathly ashamed when I show it on Stories. You need it.  

Hourglass Voyeur Waterproof Liquid Liner €35 HERE

Hourglass Voyeur Waterproof Liquid Liner is sharp enough to cut a man and black as my very own soul! I mean, do you need more of a recommendation than that? This I got as part of an Hourglass Press gift from Arnotts and it may be the most beautiful beauty product I've ever been given. 

If you're in any way as cack handed as I am, this liner is for you. I'm always on the look out for liners I can manage (should you have recommendations send them on) but this, black as night, lasts all night liner is an absolute beaut. I mean LOOK at it!

That Bare Minerals Lashtopia though 

Bare Minerals Lashtopia €25 HERE
I had never tried a Bare Minerals mascara before Debenham's gifted Lashtopia in the June Beauty Club Press Drop and I've been very grateful since. When it comes to my lashes I like 'em volumised, long, separated and black as night. This mascara gives me all of that and more. 

Packed full of minerals and moisturising ingredients, as all Bare Minerals products are, this intensely black mascara gives lashes serious OOMPH for hours on end but keeps them soft while doing so. You can build it up, without clumping, smudging or flaking but I've only ever needed 2 coats maximum. Dare I say it, this is a contender for CherrySue mascara Holy Grail, a spot held by Clarins Supra Volum in my heart and on my lashes for years now. 

Benefit Hoola, ALWAYS AND EVER €34 HERE

You don't need me to tell you about Benefit Hoola, do you? My holy grail bronzer for life and my  everyday summer crease shadow with cream metallic worn over. I am faithful to this flattering matte bronzer for life. 
New CID iglow Blush in Coral Crush - £27.50 HERE
With a second honorable mention for Hirons, Caroline convinced me to buy New CID Cosmetics Coral Crush when she said 'If ever you stop making this blush, I'm coming there and making it myself.' SOLD. 

Coral Crush is a baked marble blush of coral, bronze and pearlised beauty. The most flattering I've ever worn, even just with CC Cream & mascara, it sets off my face beautifully. Let's be honest, if Caroline does have to roll her sleeves up, I'll be next to her on the production line, this blush is something special. 

Beached Vice 100 Degrees Sheer - €19 HERE

Beached Vice 100 Degrees from Urban Decay is the best performing Sheer I've owned. A fiery bright coral, it feels comforting and nourishing on the lips  (that'll be the Aloe Vera, Jojoba, avocado and Babbassu oils) and contrary to most of its sheer counterparts, it stays put.  I had 17 Instagram messages asking me what shade this was after the show, if that's not testament to deadliness, I don't know what is. 

The Studio Shot with Studio Lights (While the camera men pretended not to notice)

This seems like a lot of product, it's truly not. Took 15 minutes maximum at 8am and lasted the entire day. Now for the fun bit, I've linked the show below, where we chat about the banning of mobiles in schools (that got heated) Priests fining women for revealing wedding dresses (I got HEATED) and whether or not you'd take a pill to live to 150 years of age... Would ya? 

CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE MADNESS  see the products in action and come back and tell me, do you enjoy these type of posts? 

Would you like to see my own pictures of the products, rather than Press shots? Because I can do that too should they be preferred. 



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