Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Batiste XXL - One X Too Many for Me!

People like big hair. Fact. Consider the photographic evidence if you will M'Lud..

Hootie being Hairy

Sarah & Cherdle putting their spoke in for the Dallas remake.  (Courtesy Celebuzz.)

In my own quest for bouffant bigness I've been loving Batiste Dry Shampoo, not to mention the fact that you can get away with skipping every second wash. Haring out the door at a speed of knots every morning means that this is a product I've bought, re bought and recommended with abandon. 

Imagine my delight to learn that they were bringing out an XXL version, I thought all my hairy prayers had been answered and made my way to Boots to pick it up for €5.19. It should be said that Batiste has become something of a cult product of late and have expanded their line. Again, for the most part I'd recommend you try it. 

Usually the steps for using Batiste involve tipping your head upside down, spraying the product into the roots, rubbing in with your fingers and then styling as usual (Upright again, of course). That very evening I gave the XXL a shot using these steps. All attempts to rub in this product though were futile. My hair was HARD, a good sign of body I thought so had a look in the mirror. This version is literally hair raising, not in a good way, in a Don King way. It's the first of the line too that I found stained my hair with greyish/white streaks. Again, Don King and really not the look I'm going for. 

I attempted to brush the product through but I'm not a huge fan of pain & boy did it hurt. The only  solution being to rewash, entirely defeating the time saving purpose that attracts me to Batiste in the first place. I will hold on to it if only for up dos that don't need teasing. But if you're looking for a dry shampoo to add a little volume for every day styles or for wearing your hair loose this is really not the one to go for. 

Then again each to their own, the product I've described might be exactly what you're looking for - 

Who am I to judge?!


boredmum said...

thanks cherrysue that will save me a few quid as i was going to buy it :D

S said...

Ooh I won't be buying that one! I got the one for Brunettes last week and it made me look about 65. I'm not joking. The whole purpose of me buying the coloured one was so that it wouldn't leave streaks - it left worse streaks than the normal one!

Sue Jordan said...

@MissGreenEyes, I've heard that about the Brunette one alright. I've blonde locks so the blonde one is really good for me - guess the yellowishness is easier to hide in blonde. But BoredMum you're right - more than happy to take one for the team :)