Thursday, November 10, 2011

Estée Lauder - Blockbuster Bounty

As some of you may know I depleted my Boots points last week in favour of Estée Lauder's blockbuster of gorgeousness. Unfortunately I haven't hared home quick enough from work all week to catch the daylight & take the pics. Today I managed to get some.

Fancy a goo inside? Course you do...

First up, exhibit A M'Lud. My (latest) empty bottle of Sensuous, my signature scent (I always feel as though I should be wearing twinset & pearls when I say that). If you haven't tried this, please do. It's the most beautiful musky, citrussy scent. I've never once worn this without compliments. Aaand it smells like CherrySue (Win/Win). This one is completely empty, thus proving my NEED to avail of this offer, k? K. 

Original pic of all the loveliness
4 fantastic quality brushes. I love these with the muchness always my favourite part of EL's offerings

18 pure colour eyeshadows, mattes, shimmers and satins. The consistency of these is nothing less than velvet. Colour pay off is great dry & I haven't even attempted them wet. (Yet).

This Gentle Eye Make Up remover is tough enough to remove They're Real! That's my kinda gentle.

Here we have 3 very wearable shades of lipstick, coming from a non lipstick wearer. Top to bottom are: Candy (Shimmer), Exotic Orchid (Shimmer) & Barely Nude (Creme). They'll definitely be featured in my future looks. 

Oh man I love the gloss. 2 Shimmer Glosses in Electric Ginger and Orchid Passion. They're long lasting and delicious. Lightly stickier than your average EL gloss but not too much so. Electric Ginger hasn't been off my kisser since purchase.

The beautiful Deluxe All Over Face Compact. I can't look too closely at this one as it's a prize (including the brush) in mah current Facebook Only Giveaway. I sicken myself.

A Sumptuous Bold Volume Lifting Mascara with a black & brown Soft Smudge Pencil. I have to admit these pencils aren't very soft or smudgey. I'm thinking they'd have to be heated slightly for best effect. 

And a handy Colour Stylist Look Book for attempting simple but effective looks using your new bounty.

Last but fo' sho' not least, the redness. One huge red patent vanity case with a matching purse and laaaarge mirror to go with. To be honest I'm not 100% sure what I'm going to do with these, I'm thinking future Giveaway, for the purse and mirror at least...

So what do we reckon? This 'gift' is €69 with any Estée Lauder fragrance purchase but contains products to the value of €360. Great deal in my opinion, considering I will use the majority of it (& regift the rest)

Are you tempted? 


Unknown said...

Hell yes, I'm tempted! Especially by those brushes, not only do they look great quality but they're PRETTY, too!

Emz said...

Looks faberooooney - picked up last year's blockbuster (when I purchased a Sensuous gift set for a friend, LOVE that scent) and was delighted with it. The only thing I still haven't used are the brushes - are they any good?

Sue Jordan said...

The brushes are fantastic quality, Girls.

I still use my set from last year's 'gift'. Really soft & wash well. No shedding at all. said...

After much consideration, I purchased today. Picked up a bottle of Pleasures for Men (Am I the only one who thinks that sounds so WRONG?!) for himself in the process (one for you... one for me...)

I love it, it's gorgeous!!!

LoCo said...

I nearly bought it and Sensuous(your recc thx) for my aunt but then I thought that it was a bit fiddly. And a bit expensive too, approx 45-50 for a perfume and 69E on top of that for the box so 115-120E gone. I just thought add on bit more(bro&sis help) and I could get her a Kindle. But seeing this post has me doubting myself again. The testy broader ladies will think I'm stalking them if I go in again to look at it.

Sue Jordan said...

LoCo, if its a choice of this or a Kindle, go with the Kindle Girl! ;)

LoCo said...

Cheers Sue I'll check out that link.

Nic, Strawberry Blonde said...

oh gorgeousness - I think it's a partic gorge gift this year! Lucky girl!!