Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday's Moments - 28/11

Howdy Doody, Sweet Patooties! I'll start this post by cheering up someone elses Monday, eh? I had so many wonderful responses to last week's giveaway that the lads couldn't choose any more than I could so we used

The lucky winner was an anon comment from Wendy!! Wendy, will you please mail me so I can get your prize out to you this week? Thanks everyone for sharing, its genuinely lovely to read all the positivity.

So, to this weeks moments, wha?

1. Staying Late, Like a Boss!

Work has been manic of late, there's several annual events coming up and admin help is thin on the ground. Last Monday was probably the worst of it, as I looked at the monitor and realised that I hadn't stayed this late in years but also that my children may not recognise me by the time I get home, I packed up to leave. 

Sure that I was the only one in the building I got a fright seeing my boss' boss leaving his office at exactly the same time. 'Working late, Sue?' 'Ah, no more than usual, I consider this a half day actually'. *Shared chuckle*. Smug City. 

Didn't expect to see me, did you, Joan? source
Not a lot of things pee me off more than dangerous drivers. A lot of that is to do with the job and a lot to do with the avid hatred of toss pots. 

Making my way home last week one such pot of toss undercut me not once but twice. Swerving into the opposite carriage and back again and leaning on his horn behind a learner. He got stuck several times which meant I ended up ahead of him coming up to the lights. With a bus lane on the inside I wasn't surprised to hear him scream up within a minute or so. I was surprised, though, to see blue flashing lights scream out behind him. But prolly not as much as him, right? Now that's a good feeling. 

3. 40 Winks with mah Pal...

Time for sleeps?
Everyone, meet Diesel, Diesel, everyone. This big, fat hog has been with us for 4 years now. He's the most gorgeous meatball you could imagine and would happily snooze the day away on the trampoline, which he does when not bouncing on it trying to catch planes. He be crazy. 

Coming in from work the other evening I wasn't surprised to see him sprawled at the top of the stairs snoring. I was surprised that he seemed to snoring in Dolby surround sound though. As I got the top step I realised why. The youngest lad was sprawled on top of him, still in his uniform, conked out. Diesel got up first, which woke Adam. 'Eh, what are you doing?' 'Oh God' he said groggily, 'I was just rubbing him and we were talking' Hahaha 'You were talking?'. So much love. 

4. Wait, Where are We?

The Sis and I had complimentary tickets to Taste of Christmas this weekend, which is handy because there ain't no way I'd pay the extortionate price otherwise. Judging by the queues out the door of the Convention Centre though, many were willing to. 

Coming up in the lift from the car park we were admiring the boxes of cupcakes that one lad had to presumably restock his stand. We even joked with him when leaving about how brave he was wandering around with them. As he sauntered off we looked around and realised we were in the main hall. The security guard back at the lift had obviously thought we were crew and let us through. Unbelievable. You couldn't do it if you were trying! The Sis duly pegged it out and regifted our comps to a bewildered looking lady and her chap. Cue loads of thumbs up and delight. Fab. 

5. Pay it Forward

I'm a big believer in paying it forward. If you've been following for a while or indeed, if you know me personally, you'll know this. That and the strong belief that we're all about the luck in this family. I don't think it's any coincidence that there are strong correlations between the two either. Karma's not just a chameleon, folks. 

This past weekend provided several examples of this. Starting with an afterwork party on Friday that I'd won, I opened the invitations to both work and the blogosphere. As a result the ladies gave us tickets for GiftGrub (Hilarious btw). We followed that with a free family ticket to Happy Feet on Saturday morning and a complimentary day at Taste of Christmas, where moment 4 originated. Polishing off the night with tweetseats in Skinflint (Take a twitpic & ate for free). That's one weekend chocked full of awesome with a full purse of a Sunday. Now if that's not argument enough for paying it forward I don't know what is!

Care to share a moment of bliss? Would love to read 'em or any comments. I'd like to  preemptively say though that there'll be no rubbing of my belleh for luck, K?


Anonymous said...

Well, I was going to say 'no moments of bliss' but actually I had dinner with two gal pals and my first pizza in two months - proscuitto, blue cheese, walnut and pear. Nom!

Work was dumb and I'm having very icky family issues, but at least I've got good friends. :)


PS - I look forward to your Monday posts.

Sue Jordan said...

Hey Eleanor, Thanks so much, that's a lovely thing to hear.

There's usually something great even if the week seems at it's cruddiest, how great to know you have friends you can count on :)

Wendy McKenna said...

Hi CherrySue,

I really can't believe I won. Fantastic thanks so much. I guess this win is my Monday Moment for this week :)

Keep up the good work, I love reading your Monday moments & reviews.


Lauren - Scrapbook Blog said...

awww I loved this post. idiot drivers REALLY ANNOY me, so I'm so glad that he(hopefully) got what was coming to him! Belle du Brighton

Anonymous said...

So cute about your son falling asleep with your dog after a chat!!

Anonymous said...

So cute about your son falling asleep with your dog after a chat!!

Unknown said...

Ah no, I was looking forward to the bellyrubbing Sue! Love these posts, you have a lovely outlook on life xo

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