Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Muppettes Nail Polishes - Piggin' Gorgeous!

You'd have to be living under a rather large rock not to have noticed the Muppet takeover of all things everything in the past few months in the run up to their movie.

I managed to pick up the Muppettes collection from Beautyemporium.ie a couple of weeks back but seeing a raft of reviews I didn't add to it. Until I tried them. Sweet Jebus but they're lovely!


Rainbow Connection is a densely packed glitter that has to be seen to be believed. Large and small glitters of all colours, truly mesmerising. This polish is Limited Edition and is already very hard to pick up. I can see it going the way of Mad as a Hatter (The OPI that haunts me) and selling for 3 or 4 times the price very soon.

Excuse Moi is a bright pink glitter in a brighter pink jelly. This one needs a good coat or three from opacity or could be worn over a pink or red for a better result. Love.

Warm & Fozzie is a bronze gold metallic with a pink and silver microglitter. In the bottle this is very like any other bronze but on the nail its warm (& Fozzie). A great office polish.

Wocka Wocka besides making me laugh every time I say it, is one of the richest reds I've seen this season. It applies like a dream with a creamy bright finish. I'll be buying a full size of this fo' sho'.

Designer the Better may be my favourite of the bunch. Its a bright silver foil with copper and pink flecks throughout. Really stunning in natural light yet subtle enough for everyday wear.

So what do we think? Have you been tempted by them and if so, which is your favourite? They're still available for the very reasonable price of €14.50 on Beauty Emporium but you better be quick.

For all of you now in a sweat about Rainbow Connections, please note that the hilarious Sharon over on Behind Green Eyes is currently running a competition to get your mitts on a bottle. You get to read a fab blog AND the chance at a Limited Edition polish? That's all about the win!


S said...

Ooh thanks for the mention, missus! Wocka Wocka makes me laugh too, it reminds me of Jonathan Woss :)

Chantelle Thomas said...

Oh love these!! x