Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Modern Warfare 3 - Finally!

Where did you spend last night? Me? Firstly, don't be so nosy. Secondly, naturally, I spent it crammed, sardine like into a game shop in the shopping centre. Last night heralded the end of weeks and weeks of the youngest Gorgebag telling me every hour that 'It's coming.' '4 weeks now, Mam'. '3 weeks, 2 days now, Mam'. '6 days now, Mam'.

Nope, not Christmas, though he'd argue it's better. He's been paying off this game, Modern Warfare, in instalments from his wages for months now and I have to admit, I'm very proud. He has forgone spending & sweeties (The Ice Cream Man is desolate).

The queue at 12.30am AFTER scores had left game in hand

We arrived at 11.15pm to join the cordoned off queue halfway down the centre, the chap on staff told us the shop had been full since 10pm (for a midnight launch?!). They be some serious gamers. I do have to hand it to GameStop though. They supplied pizza to the queues and held prize draws for games and Blu Rays to say Thank You for the support. Well played, folks.

I'll admit it, I'm a bit of a gamer, it was Monkey Island wot did it. That and 1 week solid spent on Fable II last Christmas or the 2 weeks on Fable III. I. Couldn't. Stop. But queuing for hours? Not for me, given the choice that is.

So that's it, I'm one Gorgebag down for the foreseeable future. (Apart from all the tea he's promised to make me that is)(likely).

Are you a gamer? Any Favourites?


Unknown said...

I lost a winter to Oblivion on the PS3 though I wasnt even playing it properly, just running around exploring, picking flowers and making potions (really). The sequel is out soon and I'm kinda excited.

Sue Jordan said...


It's not just me then? Was thinking about it today when someone mentioned Spyro! The hours I spent on that little purple fecker :D

Have never played Oblivion though... Hmmm..

S said...

GTA Vice City. I think I actually went delirious from playing it constantly - also, BEST.SOUNDTRACK.EVER.

Also Kingdom Hearts (one of the only ones I finished 100%), Final Fantasy X (ditto) and the Harvest Moon series on the DS.

I've actually had to just put them all away because someone would find me rotting in a corner covered in cobwebs whispering 'just one more level...'