Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cherry Pick of The Week - Avicii Remix of Nadia Ali - Rapture

Is there no stopping Avicii right now? Probably not. This man is like a steam train hot on the heels of David Guetta.

His recent offering, Levels is probably, no definitely, one of the best songs you're likely to hear this year but his remix with Nadia Ali on her cover of iiO's Rapture has the sentimental factor for me.

I didn't think they could improve it but, Avicii, it's a feckin' choon!

Makes me want to book a sunshine holiday with the quickness. Yeah, Buddy!


Kiran said...

ok I must be totally uncool cos I havent heard of Avicii but this remix is awesome! Its so fun discovering new music!

cornflakegirl said...

If there's one thing that these posts prove, Sue, it's that musically speaking I am old.

I rarely have a clue who these people are, I'm clearly stuck in a music zone and need to listen to the radio more often.

I do look forward to seeing what you're going to post every week though.

Sue Jordan said...

Fear not, Ladies, I only heard about him a couple of months back too. Dude has been making tunes for years! ;)