Saturday, April 14, 2012

2 Simple Ways to a Gorgeous Glitter Gradient

As a confirmed magpie, I was delighted when I gave the glitter gradient manicure a shot and it actually worked out. We all know I'm all about the easy when it comes to nails so I've put together two simple pictorials so you too can bling up your nails, as is your want.

The first look uses the sponge method for gradient. This, of course, can be used for any kind of gradient, you don't necessarily have to have glitter. Usually it's done with contrasting colours but I figured the pastel and bling were contrast enough.

  1. My colours of choice were Nails Inc's Park Lane, Essence's No More More Drama and Bourjois Glitter. You'll need a make up sponge too. 
  2. Apply two coats of your base colour and allow to dry. (You can use a quick dry top coat if you're a little impatient (like Moi). 
  3. After rolling your glitter bottle in your hands, apply a thin coat to the edge of the sponge. You're aiming for more glitter than polish. 
  4. Sponge onto the nail bed in light, fast touches so as the gradient won't be too thickly applied. 
  5. Top your glitter with a coat of holographic glitter to add an even more sparkly dimension. 
  6. After a swish of high shine top coat, run to the nearest window and marvel at the sparkle!

    The second look uses traditional glitter as can be found in any craft or 2 Eurit shop. I got this one in Hickey's Home Focus for €2 (They've a gorgeous range of iridescent colours).

  1. You'll need your base colour, glitter and a piece of folded paper. I chose the new Indian Ocean from the Model's Own Beetlejuice collection with a slick of Essence No More Drama underneath for my base. 
  2. Apply a thin coat of each colour as your base so as not to make it too thick. (or two of your chosen polish)
  3. Unlike the first pictorial, add your glitter, over the folded paper, while your base is still wet. Tap the glitter lightly around the tip of your nail. 
  4. Shake off the excess onto the paper so that you're left with a thin coat. 
  5. Cyphen the excess glitter back into your container for future use. (waste not, want not, yo)
  6. Using a high shine top coat, first apply to the base colour then apply liberally to the glitter to reveal iridescent gradient gorgeousness! (I used Essence's Gel Look top coat as the glitter can transfer slightly to the brush and I wasn't risking spoiling the more expensive Seche Vite) 
And that's it, two easy ways to a glitter gradient, have you tried this look before? Are you as distracted by the shiny as I am?

PS please don't let glitter removal put you off, I've found Cutex to be miraculous x


Chloe said...

Wow this looks amazing! A hazard of college is having two rooms & leaving all my glitters in Dublin but I'm dying to go backup now, just to try this out! So impressive x

Lovely Girlie Bits said...

Ooh that Model's Own polish is booootiful... I love me some glitter so I do, haven't tried loose glitter yet though even though I have a couple of the Gosh ones, I'm a messy girl but have to give it an aul go :)

Nurse Fancy Pants said...

Ooh, sparkly! I like! And it looks super easy. I really like the look of that Model's Own polish too, I wasn't mad about the last Beetlejuice collection but that shade is fab.

Sarah Lanagan said...

I'm such a magpie too, which means I'm loving the second look - goooo team sparkles! x

Sue Jordan said...

Thanks, Chloe. You've more restraint than I, I'd be buying replacements LoL

Sue Jordan said...

You're 100% right, CeeCee, the formulation of the Beetlejuices was a big let down. Indian Ocean is gorgeous over mauve or even navy though. I think after Pink/Brown, it's my favourite x

Sue Jordan said...

Magpies Unite! HaHa xx

Sue Jordan said...

Just once you're over the paper you should be good to go, Karen, if you're anything like me you'll still have the odd fleck show up on your kisser a week later though ;D