Monday, April 02, 2012

Monday's Moments - 02/04

Happy Monday, everyone, how was your weekend? Mine was all kinds of FAB, but more on that later. To the Moments!

1. The Awesomest Gift, like, Ever!

On Thursday night I had the great pleasure of heading out for drinkie poos with some of the funniest, most successful Bloggers I know. It helps that they're loons, it really does. Anywho, one of my firm favourites (ooh er) Karen arrived with a little gift pour moi (it was my Bday a little while back). I'm fairly sure the entire Market Bar jumped an inch with the howls of laughter.

Behold, the gift of gifts! Images of Moi and the delectable Rideface. Karen had searched my FB pics (in a todally stalkerish yet acceptable way) and shopped us into coupledom. Aren't. They. Feckin'. EPIC?! They now adorn our fridge and mean that I take at least 6 more minutes getting anything from inside. Le wistful sigh.

2. D'Apprentice. 

I can remember when we were kids, every now and again we'd take a figary and decide to have a toy sale. Lugging every Raggedy Ann, Suzi Skates and wooly headed Barbie to our name down to the front wall, sure in the knowledge that the kids of the neighbourhood would lap this stuff up and we'd be rich beyond our wildest dreams. Invariably that ended with being sent back to Karrie's house to buy back our scaldy Barbie for 10 pence because it was a present. Sake.

That's why, when passing a lemonade and toy stand manned by 6 and 7 year old little girls on the Navan Rd last week, I was transported back in time. Both sisters laughing and joking and undoubtedly planning what to spend their millions on. Just don't tell the 'rents what you sell, girls. That's where we went wrong. BuzzKillingtons. 

3. On the Road Again...

This past weekend has to have been one of the best in a long time. D'Sister, D'Mammy and I hopped in the car and headed to Ennis for a Spa weekend (a different and equally fabulous BDay pressie). 

Highlights include luxuriating in the Spa, the Cliffs of Moher in gale force wind, Lehinch beach in baltic conditions, Lisdoonvarna with the tumbleweeds and lunacy and finally the crazy, crazy locals in Ennis. The Sis and I headed out on Friday night to take in the sights (& the drinks). I can now report, with full certainty, that chat up lines haven't quite reached Co Clare. Ranging from 'You're Garrrgeous' to 'I would eat your hair, I'd eat your glasses and I'd eat you' (I kid you not). I've returned with several more adjectives to add to my CV to describe me. Madness aside, there's nothing quite like getting out of Dodge for a couple of days. Was just what the Doctor ordered. (The Psychiatrist will be thrilled too)

4. Septic Peg!

I don't normally go in for Horoscope hocus pocus or star sign shenanigans. Yeah, sometimes 
people can display stereotypical characteristics that correspond with their star sign but our personalities have so many facets it's hard not to be spot on some of the time, right?

I do read horoscopes occasionally for kicks but for the past couple of months have been reading the Metro Herald page more and more closely. Septic Peg over there has been right on the money for Moi, every single day. Eerily close to reality. Thursday's hit the nail on the head again and made me realise as much. I'm beginning to wonder if there might be something to 'em, that and considering calling her up for lotto numbers.

5. And the Tax Came Back...the Very Next Day..

And last but nowhere in the vicinity of least. A cheeky little windfall courtesy of Revenue (Well courtesy of ME in a roundabout way) fell into my lap this week. I decided to order a Balancing Statement when going through my medical bills and lo and behold, the scoundrels have been over charging me for a while.

It makes crippling tax slightly more bearable (for a day or so) when something like this happens. I did consider blowing the lot and that was a very enjoyable 15 seconds, I must say. With teenage hounds in the house the only logical decision is a new shower. I may never see the inside of it with these two auditioning for Flock of Seagulls every morning but one can but try.

How about you, pretties? Got anything to share? 

Do you hold much sway with horoscopes... or mad country men?


Lovely Girlie Bits said...

Yay I made Monday's Momentos ;p Sure it was only my pleasure to creep through your photos like a big weirdo! Glad you liked them and sure now it's out in the open for everyone to see ;P

Anonymous said...

What a cool present!

I guess the highlight of my day so far was getting to use the hire car this morning to do a decent load of food shopping before taking it back. Makes me feel all domestic goddess-y having food in the house. And lots of cleaning products. Whether I'll actually get around to *using* said cleaning products is a whole nuther question!!


Breige said...

Yay, I love Monday Moments! And I see you were around my neck of the woods for the weekend, glad you enjoyed it!

Shelleyti said...

Karen, you're a photoshopping wonder... Hilarious and so thoughful :) And belated happy burfday Sue :) xxx

Sue Jordan said...

You are an evil genius and I'm only startled you don't photoshop more! ;) Thanks, Floss x

Sue Jordan said...

Hey ElenorJane, great to get stuff done - your comment reminds me of that comic

I been there! ;D

Sue Jordan said...

And a beautiful neck of the woods you have too, B! Would have killed to see it in the sunshine, but there's always next time!

Sue Jordan said...

Isn't she? Thanks, Shelly x

Unknown said...

D'Apprentice made me laugh, when I was twelve, myself and my brothers where at home and the parents where at work. One of the brothers being older they thought we were in capable hands. How wrong they where! I decided to get out my dads power wash gun from the shed and made huge posters advertising car washing in our front garden. I put the posters all over the back road and waited, more but nobody came. Soon enough I thought maybe the posters fell down. Walking up the road to investigate I seen my dads car approaching. He went ABSOLUTELY spare! I felt the wooden spoon that night. That doesn't beat the time I made perfume out of weeds when I was much younger and sold it for 2p a dab and told everyone it was for the local church! mmmmm those jellies were worth going to hell!