Monday, April 09, 2012

Monday's Moments - 09/04

Easter Monday, isseh? I do hope this post finds you well and recovering nicely from the undoubted chocolate or alcohol induced coma of yesterday (just me?). I happen to have had a fairly great week y'know so choices for Monday's Moments were in abundance. Wanna see the top 5?

1. Don't Mind if I Do

In my day job I work a lot with schools, those schools love nothing better than a religious holiday to take a moxy load of time off. The office has been fairly hectic this past few weeks due to staff shortages and leave being taken. Cue me allowing the end of the leave year to whoosh past without paying any attention whatsoever.

In arrives an email from HR 'Are you aware you have a 10 day surplus on your calendar?' Why, no, helpful HR person, I wasn't. I'm pretty sure my chair is still spinning over there with the speed with which I left. Not back till the 16th, Baby. Yesh!

2. Hoi Polloiing - Without Moi!

Last week saw the Dublin premiere of Wrath of the Titans, thoughtlessly they scheduled it on a night when I already had plans. Usually the lads take turns coming to screenings, there's normally a film one wants to see more than the other but both were dying to see this one.

Brainwave (i.e. me coming to a realisation) The lads are now almost 15 and 16 and are perfectly capable of going to the pictures together, with that I dropped their bad asses into the premiere and headed on my way. They loved it, every part of it. So much so, They've informed me that they can go on their own in future - 'Eh, dudes, that kind of defeats the purpose of my press pass'. They're getting big, they're getting independent and I can't stop it. *sniffles*

3. Hello, Pogo!

There are times in life when you hear something that just stops you in your tracks. For me that happened on Wednesday, the lovely Darragh Doyle shared this video from Pogo on his Facebook page and I was mesmerised. Monsters Inc is one of my all time favourite films and this is just beautiful. ('Bye Boo' *WAILS*)

If you haven't heard of Pogo before, please check out his Youtube Channel and marvel at the man's talent, each remix better than the last. This chap is staggeringly good at what he does. If you have heard of him, why in the name of all that is holy didn't you tell me!?! Sake! 

4. Further Evidence of My Weirdness

Me, weird? How very dare you... ok, I'm about as weird as they come but I managed to out weird myself on Friday night. I love all things nail art related but that's a recent obsession that had never afflicted me before. Why then, am I now dreaming about the feckin' thing?

The above pic was taken while I was still half asleep, I had a dream about Stargazer lilies on my fingers (one of my favourite flowers) woke up, tried them out and they worked! When I tweeted as much, Orla was quick as flash to answer 'You're the Martin Luther King of Nail Art' *titter* I like that! (By the by check out some of my other waild creations that made National & International blog news this week - WHOOT!)

5. Nerdgasm Imminent 

I've been a Redditor for about 3 months now, following Aar's advice to join for the blog. It's helped hugely to create traffic and in allowing me to interact with other peeps with the same interests as my own. That and the fact that the entire site is pretty hilarious and completely addictive means that I'm a daily visitor.

I happened to fleetingly make the front page before, which is nerd nirvana as some of you might know, but this weekend (probably still now) I've a post that refuses to leave the front page, at it's highest it had over 2,300 upvotes. Every time I think it'll drop it shoots back up again. Granted it's a post about a see through shower in a hotel room I shared with my Sister being shared on a site, which is predominantly horny college boys, but still. Boo Yah!

And that's me. Have you any Happy Haps to share this week, lovelies? I'd love to hear 'em..

(PS. I did manage to get to see Wrath of the Titans after all, there's a review coming up with a chance to win some exclusive movie goodies. Be sure to check back!)


S said...

God I think I used Monday for sleep... was out Saturday night, it's a bad sign when I need two days to recover! Congrats on the front page, even if it does involve a shower! I love these posts x

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Now you know how to spend your free time..doing more nail art :P the flower came out great!