Friday, April 13, 2012

Wrath of the Titans - Movie Review

Who's in it?

Sam Worthington, Liam Neeson, Rosamund Pike, Ralph Fiennes and Bill Nighy

What's it About?

Having slain the kraken 10 years previously, Perseus (Worthington) is settled in a sleepy fishing village raising his son Helius (a staggering ringer for Emily Blunt), when his father Zeus arrives to ask for his help. The Underworld (teeming with Titans) is becoming restless and needs a hero once more. Perseus has no choice but to intervene once Zeus is taken captive by Hades (his brother) and Ares (his son) and under threat of death from Kronos (Granpa of the 'em all and ruler of Tartarus). 

Any Good?

I'll preface this review by saying that Clash of the Titans was easily one of the worst lemons made, it's still my go to example of how 3D shouldn't be done so I wasn't to eager to watch this sequel. That changed, however, when the lads headed along to the premiere and came home saying good things. They're the toughest critics I know. 

Perseus having the chats with Uncle Poseidon 
First up, the 3D on Wrath is slick and well used. Scenes are bright and engaging. Clash of the Titans was obviously made in 2D with the 3D effects tacked on as an afterthought for the pay cheque and that's (one place) where it fell down. Not so here, the battle scenes are larger than life, in your face CGI fests and they don't disappoint. Creatures from the Underworld are just the right amount of repulsive and the inside scenes and set pieces of Tartarus are well thought out and presented. 

Grandpa Kronos, like a Balrog on steroids with a serious WANT to pass
While the script and plot are paper thin, the injection of comedy is a welcome one, not least from Toby Kebbell as the ne'er do well Demi-God cousin and Bill Nighy pushing the movie toward Monty Python territory nicely. Pike as Andromeda has immediately shot into my girl crush category, (the Beauty Blogger in me has to tell you that her hair, makeup and wardrobe are flawless). It is a real shame that she wasn't given more to do with the character, though none of them were. 

Neeson and Feinnes, acting deitys playing actual deitys, seemed to have had fun with the role, despite the choppy narrative and gaping plot holes. During tweet sized chats with Glenda Gilson about her interview with Worthington, she told me that he too had a blast filming and despite his usual 2 dimensional acting style, it showed. 

I have read scathing reviews of Wrath of the Titans, branding it 'ridiculous' and 'unrealistic', I'm not sure how 'realistic' those critics were expecting a 3D movie based on Greek Mythology with Gods and Titans waging war to be. 

I found it enjoyable and a big improvement on the first. Should you be in the market for some decent 3D CGI, peppered with comedy fun, I think you will too. 


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