Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday's Moments: 14/01/13

Oi, Oi, Monday! I'm delighted to announce that having slept my face off (figuratively) for the weekend that my lurgy is at last gone and not before time. It leaves me ready to grab this week by the lug holes, which is just as well because there's some seriously exciting events and invitations beginning to fill the days of my diary again. 

Not least an event next Saturday that's so swanky, it's actually pronounced SWENNNKEH and will necessitate grown up evening wear for the occasion. I'll be there with Karen of the LovelyGirlyBits and the ever gorgeous Emma of FluffandFripperies and we'll be sure to snap a bajillion photos. I swear. (Disclaimer: said photos may never see the light of day)(Just sayin'). Anyway, back to the task at hand, Moments, anyone?!

1. Phenomenal Flowers! 

I adore fresh flowers, lilies and fresias being my favourites but I've never met a flower I didn't like so used to regularly buy myself a bunch or two once a fortnight to cheer up Casa Cherry and myself. These beauties have absolutely given me the push to resume that habit.

The Flower Factory in Swords sent me a DM on Thursday to say I'd won their twitter competition for a RT. I'd been sent home with the Lurgy so imagine my elation when these arrived at the door in a 3ft box. I've been ordering flowers for years & have honestly never been as impressed as I was when I saw them. The house smells stunning and I smile every time I look at them. Well played, Flower Factory, well played. 

2. Pretty Cool Glasses

I'll preface Moment 2 by telling you that I'd had more than a swig of cough bottle having been sent home from work but on the very same day I dragged my shivering carcass to the kitchen to make myself a cuppa (the Gorgebags would have done it but they were in school) (so selfish). 

Lo and behold these bad boys were sitting on the fridge door, I don't even remember going to the fridge when I came in. Truly, I shouldn't be trusted to function when cough syrup has been swigged. 

3. Damn Onions, Man. 

For years the lads have refused to watch The Notebook with me, having heard horror, chick flick tales from their girlfriends. Undeterred, I turned it on on Saturday night while the eldest was online beside me. 

That's him there, having done a full 180 in the computer chair, completely riveted. I'm not saying there were tears (because I know a lot of his girl besties read this blog *Waves* Hi Girls!) but suffice to say we enjoyed it. At the final scene his last reaction was (high pitched) 'Oh for God sake, Notebook, what are you doing to my life right now?!'. Awesome. 

4. Too Late for Adoption? 

There are times, though rare, that I wonder did I in fact take home the wrong baby from the hospital when the youngest Gorgebag does something so alien to me that that has to be the only explanation. 

One such example happened yesterday evening when he left his Mine Craft logged in and I got to see his username. Yolo McSwaggins. I kid you not. YOLO MCSWAGGINS!! Fear not, he's been given four noogies and a Chinese burn as punishment. 

5. Finding New Faves!

I have to thank Karen's Favourite Five Posts post for this discovery but I spent the majority of my night watching these two crazy gals doing videos together on each others' channel. Both Zoe of Zoella and Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter  are seriously good beauty bloggers and Youtubers in their own right but also happen to be besties that make great videos together. 

They bounce off each other brilliantly and are so easy to watch because of it. Really gives me the bug to start Youtube vidjos myself or even with someone. The fleeting thought always crosses my mind when I'm out and wheezing with laughter with Mzz LovelyGirlyBits herself but then I always wonder if people would actually understand a word we say! Perhaps we'll chance a Bloggers on Tour Vlog this year.... Anywho, check out these lovely girls if you haven't already and do let me know if there's other awesome youtubers that I'm missing out on, won't you?  

C'est ça, five most excellent Moments from my week gone by. Have you any happy haps you'd like to share? 


Catherine Jordan said...

PMSL yolo mcswaggins!!

Lovely Girlie Bits said...

1. I can't wait for Saturday!
2. Doing vidjos together would be hilarious and I very much doubt people would be able to undertand us hehe
3. Ah poor Sproglet drawn into The Notebook, I've never seen it and have no desire to either, I know, I'm wild!

Makeup Over Mind said...

I adore Louise! She brightens my day! Also, The Notebook is the shiz and the world would be a better place if everyone had seen it...maybe?

boredmum said...

Glad u r feeling better, this year no one can seem to fully get rid of the Lurgy... Loved the flowers, i actually can't remember the last time i got flowers from the hubby... it could have been an anniversary but not i will have to get that sorted

S said...

Oh no, Yolo McSwaggins?! Child, please!!! I have never watched any of the girls' videos, must have a look. If it comes Cherry recommended, tis usually right up my alley! x