Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday's Moments: 11/02

Afternoon all, how has the first day of the week been treating you then? I'd love to say I'm twirling on the mountain side al la Julie Andrews but I do have five Moments that have perked me right up regardless. Wanna hear 'em? 

1. Sliding Doors of Daddies

On Wednesday of last week Himself's father paid my father a visit. He's a plumber you see and fairly nifty with a nixer or two. Once they'd clapped eyes on each other though that was it. Apparently they'd been Sliding Doors'ing it for years.

Living 5 minutes apart, going to the same church, the same school with all the same friends. Sisters had married friends, neighbours married brothers - I spent the entire conversation waiting in amazement until D'Oulfella said 'So say Hi to your cousin from me won't you? I will BATE him! (He was totally lying by the by). 

2. I've Been Smashboxed!

It's been a hectic week Event/Blog wise but one of the highlights had to be getting to meet the gorgeous gals of Smashbox once again. They jetted into our very own Arnott's to launch the first IN THE WORLD of this kind of interactive make up counter. Doesn't it look like a studio's just been dropped from the sky? 

We had all of the LoLs and then you get to step into the professional photo booth (photos are my kryptonite so you can guess I was having a swell time). Your photos are abso free and can be emailed, tweeted or Facebooked from the machine. Bish Bash Bosh! (I didn't bish bash and/or bosh mine. Natch).

3. Seventy Tens

Look I know everyone says it's not about the numbers and truly, it isn't but when I see any of these milestones on the blog not gonna lie it gives me a flutter. I know I'm still a minuscule fishy in a very large ocean but I do want to thank each of you other fishies for taking the time to read/comment and keep coming back. It honestly perks me up no end. 

4. DrunkBooking

On an impromptu night out on Friday there may have been a festive 7-Up or twelve taken when all of a sudden it became a genius idea to Facebook a photo together. Anyone that knows me knows it takes a lot to get me near a camera (see Smashbox above) The only pictures that exist of me as a child look like witness shots of an abduction as my Father head-locked me into the line of the camera. 

Friday apparently was an exception, until I woke on Saturday with my deleting finger ready. It was then that I noticed there were over 25 likes on the blimmin thing, in a matter of hours. It'll have to stay so. Yis complete set of brilliantly supportive bastids yis

5. Like a Frilly Phoenix from the Fahr!!

Moment 5 has to be one of the best in the past 18 months. Percy Kirstie McDermott, one of the founders and imho the very epitome of is back. Hang on, I don't think you grasped the gravity of what I just said SHE'S BACK!! For now has taken up residence on Facebook here  with the site to follow shortly. 

If you've ever worked or even wanted to work in the beauty industry or social media buzz in Ireland then you'll already know Kirstie as one of the warmest, funniest, Tayto lovingest and most supportive gals in the bizz. I, for one, am extremely excited to see her work back on the Irish interwebs on the regular. I'm wishing you luck K-Dog, you in no way need it!

Tell me so, what's been the happiest of your happy haps this week, eh? 


Kirstie said...

GULP. Thank you Sue, how super-duper effingly nice of you! Reading down and there was me little logo bit! Really appreciate that, so so much.

Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

Congrats on making it to 700, you have one of the happiest blogs I read and am so thankful for that!
Your am absolute inspiration & bloody lovely too!
You really need to shake the camera shyness, you look absolute gorgeous x