Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday's Moments: 18/02/13

Oh hai, everyone, can you believe it's Monday again? The last week has absolutely hurtled past with events, screenings, fashion shows and a cheeky Valentine's break all thrown in so, as you can imagine, I've a lorra Moment's vying for the top spots. I've managed to wangle it down to 5 though, wanna see 'em? 

1. Aaaaand Breathe...

As I mentioned above Himself and I managed a sneaky midweek break last week with Thanks to a voucher I'd won last year. I'd been saving it for a special occasion and, what with life getting in the way an' all, it was never used. 

That's pretty fortuitous given the past couple of weeks of trials and tribulations, which meant we could really enjoy the pamper package to its fullest at the perfect time. Moment numero uno had to be checking in, seeing the gorgeous view and just exhaling in good company for a couple of days. Bliss. 

2. There's No Denying Him 

I managed to catch a glimpse at the youngest Gorgebag's Valentines card before it was handed over. This free hand drawn declaration of lurrrve had me splutter my coffee with pride. 

Just to note he wouldn't allow me see the actual message he'd written, blahhdy killjoy! 

3. Perfect Product Symbiosis FTW 

If you've been following our ProActiv Challenge of late you'll know that Ad had been encountering a touch of the Reptar's because the active ingredients are drying on his little kisser. The very lovely mentioned in a comment to maybe try a rich moisturiser to help and a lightbulb went off. 

You see I'd just attended the super sciencey launch of La Roche Posay's Nutritic Intense that promises to 'relieve, comfort and soothe dry and sensitive skin'. I gave Ad the tube on Tuesday and got a phonecall on Wednesday morning to say his skin felt 'gorgeous'. Once again I thank you LRP! 

4. Au de Café is High Fashion Dahhlink! 

Before the swish Harvey Nic's S/S fashion show on Friday evening Lorraine and I decided some cáca milis and a coffee were in order. Because they're super swish in the Harvey Nic's Café they decorated our lovely cake like this and because we're messers we couldn't resist the urge to twitpic - we're classy like that. 

What we're not though is completely on the ball of a Friday evening - can you spot what's wrong in the picture above?... It was only when she sat up to regain composure that the lovely Lorraine (and I) realised that she had her gorgeous Pre-Raphaelite curls dunked in her flat white all along! How we laughed.. well I laughed while Lorraine looked a little bereft... then laughed. 

5. But, But, It's YOU!

I'm only now realising that 3 of this weeks Moments relate to this cute little bugger but Moment 5 is so strange/surreal that I couldn't not share. On Saturday a notification popped up on my FB feed that Ad was commenting on a photo, I had to do a double take when I saw said photo and the caption. 'OMGZ, ADAM ITS YOUR TWIN!'

Eh, this fresh faced doppelganger (found by Adam's friends) is not only the actual image but it turns out he's a South African/Australian Youtuber/Actor named Troye Sivan and once I'd seen his videos (they're hilarious by the way) I realised their mannerisms and humour are almost identical too! When I showed Eldest Gorgebag Troye's channel what did he say 'Oh My God, that's freaky, there's another one?!'. No doubt about it Monsieur Sivan is a brother from another mother. Weird huh? 

So tell me, what's been rocking your week then? Good Valentines? Better day after Valentines? Lemme know! 


Anonymous said...

Omg your son is too cute, what a brilliant card!! They say we all have a twin, they look very alike Im always being told by people I look like their other friend, or even more strange Ive been waved hello to by complete strangers haha!

shiv said...

adam looks so like u in the pic he defo has your eyes !!!glad the rozmantic few days were good looking forward to hearing all about it , the cencoured version of course ;)

Lovely Girlie Bits said...

I must add that Lorraine's hair smelled only lovely too, a mix of hair product and dried coffee ;) That's Adam's twin if ever I saw one, you should submit the photos to that photographer who finds people's dopplegangers! I think I saw it on the Daily Mail a couple of weeks ago

Eleanorjane said...

Awww... Irish folks have flat whites! I've gotten used to dumb old 'Americanos' in England, but they're not the same as a flat white like we used to get in New Zealand. Must get around to visiting Ireland soonish!