Friday, February 08, 2013

Wreck it Ralph - Movie Review

What's it About? 

Having played the bad guy in his arcade game for decades forever in the shadow of Fix -it-Felix, Ralph yearns for the acceptance of his game mates and to prove that he can be the hero if only he were given the opportunity. Fully believing that winning a medal in one of the most dangerous games in the arcade will prove him a hero, Ralph sets off on his quest. Can he return before his game is unplugged forever? 

Any Good? 

As soon as I set eyes on Sheng Long, Tapper and Q*Bert in Disney's latest animated trailer, I knew I'd be hooked. Wreck it Ralph has an echoes of the legendary Toy Story in that the characters come to life once our backs are turned, oh and that it's one of the best animated movies in the past ten years. 

Gameplay and story sequences are a technicolour triumph, saturated in vivid colour and an absolute joy to behold. For the first time in a very long time, I'm going to recommend you see this in 3D. Although each of the Hollywood A-Listers chosen to voice the cast are instantly recognisable in their own right, they embody their on screen players with ease and I can't imagine a better fit for any one of them. 

When our loveable protagonist, Ralph takes matters into his own oversized hands and 'goes Turbo', things go from bad to worse very quickly and he ends up in the saccharin sweet game, Sugar Rush. Meeting up with seriously adorable, wise cracking Vanellope von Schweetz (an outsider in her own game) they reluctantly team up to achieve their respective goals and prove that friendship and determination can triumph regardless of adversity. 

In truth, from the opening sequences of Wreck it Ralph I was transported back to six year old CherrySue, wide eyed and entranced. The visual attention to detail is stunning, the script extremely tight, clever and the story as heartfelt and laugh out loud funny as Disney have ever produced. Throw in dazzling 3D and a spot on score and you've the making of 107 minutes of cinematic magic. 

Pssst: Be sure to get there early 
to see one of the sweetest shorts to 
date Paperman (or take a peek here)



Nurse Fancy Pants said...

This is definitely on my to-go-see list, can't wait! :)

Kitty Catastrophe said...

I got to see this in Liffey Valley a few weeks ago after seeing on your Facebook page that the Disney Store were giving away tickets, so a shamefully belated but massive THANK YOU CHERRYSUE! It was such a fun film, but I think the adults in the audience got more out of it, with all the retro game references. I had to stop myself squealing every time I spotted Chun Li in the background.

Sandy Beach said...

Saw this last Sunday and loved it. As for the short at the start - class. I could have left just having seen that.

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