Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Real Techniques Limited Edition Duo Fiber Brush Collection - Review!

They arrived at my office 7 days later so how have we been getting on since then? 

'Duo Fiber' brushes aren't duo fibre at all - They're just synthetic
First impressions of this collection is how sparse the hairs are in comparison to regular Real Techniques brushes (some of my all time favourites).  The handles are white aluminium with this collection, making them lighter to use, it also means they stand out in a sea of black handles. 

I was a little dubious as to how effective they'd be once I realised that their density was lacking but pleasantly surprised that they add a new dimension to my make up collection for that very reason. 

First up the Face Brush is ridiculously soft and the sparsely held synthetic fibres make the ideal brush for finishing powders when setting your make up. 

The powder seems to be drawn to the fibres as tapping the brush doesn't release the excess yet when applied to the face you still manage to get an airbrushed effect as the powder skims over the skin. 

The Contour Brush is more densely packed than the Face Brush but as you can see reacts similarly with powder. Flatter than most contour brushes this fits into the hollow of the cheeks (I have them, honest) and buffs contouring colours beautifully. 

I've also used this one for blush and the effect is the same, airbrushed loveliness. 

As I've said the original Real Techniques brushes are some of my all time favourites, not least because of their eye collection but this feathery soft Duo Fiber Eye Brush is an absolute cracker for blending out and crease work. 

Again, the brush is shaped perfectly so that it sits on the crease of the eyelid and sweeps across gently. The trick here I've found is to let the brush do the work for you. Add more layers of shadow for a deeper pigment but never more than gently press onto the skin. 

So overall would I advise you pick these up? Abso-lutely. I have nothing like them in my collection and I don't imagine you do either. Handcut and 100% cruelty free, there's not a lot not to like. 

I'll go back to the main clincher though, these are professional quality brushes for a pittance in price. My order came from, they've given me a share code for all first time orders RLL469 that will get you between $5-$10 dollars off your order. Of course if you wanted to stock up on other bits that'd be your chance to do so as the site appears to be full of bargains. I stopped looking - pesky kids and their need to eat every day (selfish). 

If you've managed to bag a set of this collection I'd love to hear your thoughts? 


All the little things - Irish Beauty Blog said...

I just ordered from this site using the code you had up last week, I Ordered 8 real technique brushes! A set of 5, and 3 singles! Dying for them to arrive, thanks for the code and reviews!! xxxx

Makeup Over Mind said...

Can't wait any longer for them now....ordered! Holding you responsible! :)

Audrey- The Nail Affair said...

These sound amazing! I'm such a fan of the usual Real Techniques that I don't think i'd expect anything less! Must get my hands on these:)

Anonymous said...

I have these brushes, and they are great. I'm going to do a review on them too, and I'd love it if you checked it out!