Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Isa Dora Sugar Crush Nails: I'm Afraid We Can't Be Buds.

The world and his dog know it's all about textured nails this Summer with OPI proffering Liquid Sand and Zoya PixieDust to name but two brands on the bandwagon but Isa Dora Sugar Crush has something that neither of those brands do - the ability to disintegrate as soon as remover is applied. Result! 

Pool Crush: A bright, vibrant blue that dries to textured matte
As with all Isa Dora nail polishes the Sugar Crush range is 4-Free, that's free from formaldehyde, DBP, camphor and toluene. All great news, especially when the colour payoff is so good. 

Isa Dora Pink Crush: Magenta pink chock FULL of silver micro glitter. Dries matte & sparkly
Isa Dora Coral Crush over Pool Crush
Coral Crush reminds me so much of Frosties sweets on the nail, its bright rose gold and silver micro glitter is a sight to behold. I layered it here over Pool crush for a night on the tiles and the effect was gorgeous. 

Now the not so hot news about Sugar Crush polishes. It HATES water, I discovered this while rinsing dishes only a couple of hours after applying Pink Crush but it stands for all three colours I've tried. Once it comes in contact with water it loosens and chips within minutes. *sad face* 

That's all very well for a handy excuse to get out of doing the dishes but I've found that it chips after hand washing too. *Super sad face* 

Like Gizmo himself : Stay AWAY from the water!
Isa Dora Sugar Crush polishes come in ten gorgeous shades that truly are incredible on the nail but the fact that they chip so quickly once gotten wet means I can't in all consciousness send you out to Debenhams and all good pharmacies to part with your €9.75 without warning you first. 

Yep, they're stunners. Yep, they make perfect statement nails... but Nope, you're not going to have it on your nails for very long (unless you're a mucky pup) or you bring the bottle with you (which I do).

What think we? Have you tried Sugar Crush polishes yet? 


Ting said...

Textured nails give me goosebumps... :S I like mine glossy and smoooooth. :D

I was laughing so loud when I saw the picture of the gremlin. Coincidentally, this is the second time today I saw it being referred to. :D

Great posts. Enjoy reading and love your sense of humour. :D

S said...

I haven't tried them because of the price, but I will admit that they're the nicest of all the textured polishes I've seen around! That blue & pink... swoon.

Anonymous said...

They do make me wish I liked textured nail polishes but I can't stand the bumpy :(