Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Christmas Party Makeovers: 5 of Dublin's Best Beauty Counters

With silly season well and truly started I wouldn't be surprised should you tell me that you've already been to your office Christmas shindig - hell I was at an eBay festive knees up in January!

Chances are though yours is upcoming and besides exfoliating your bum daily for crystal clear photocopies and/or practising your gracious ducking and weaving to avoid the scaldy mistletoe, there's a couple of places that can really help with your preparation. Today we're talking make up and the professional application thereof. 

I've picked out 5 of the best beauty counters I've used in the past, though I can't guarantee they can recreate the festive facial explosion above...

1. Benefit: 40 mins: 
Free with the purchase of two products

The masters of the Benebrow, Benefit are a stellar choice when it comes to makeup application, not least because the gals listen to every word you say before they ever pick up a buffing brush. Instead of a set fee for a makeover the policy here is to buy two products - that's a full face for you and potentially two Christmas gifts - Win/Win/Win! 

While every Benefit counter will take great of you, I'd highly recommend you pop into the newly opened Boutique in South William St to make an occasion of it (the fact that there's a new cheesecake shop on the same street is a happy coincidence). 

2. MAC: 40 mins: 
€40 Redeemable

When it comes to party looks, MAC have it down. You can really vamp it up in the hands of the MAC girls and I'd heartily recommend a trip to your local counter or standalone store to be transformed before your very own eyes. 

3. Smashbox: 60 mins: 
Free with the purchase of two products

With the Wonder Vision sets flying off the shelves you'd be crazy not to consider allowing the Smashbox ladies to beautify you before heading home with two products in your mála. 

While I've yet to meet a Smashbox SA I didn't love, the team in Arnott's are second to none. My makeover with the lovely Emma (above) is the first time I've ever 'wowed' myself after the big reveal as she'd done such an incredible job, I was loathe to wash my face that night. 

4. Inglot: 40 mins: 
€30 Redeemable (Lashes €10/€12/€14)

The most affordable of the bunch, Inglot's makeover for just €25 is certainly nothing to be sniffed at. The pigmentation of their shadows are incredible and offer some of the best longevity on the market today - highly important when off for a night on the tiles. 

With an entire store of shades to choose from the girls will give you exactly the look you'd like or you could, as I often have, give them free reign to create a masterpiece - once you love it they can make up a palette of the shadows used so you can recreate the look at home for your next bajillion nights out. 

5. Chanel: 40 mins: 
€40 Redeemable

If you're anything like me, the only time your entire visage will be covered in Chanel is when I've had a make over. If you're looking for something a little bit special, maybe a trip for you and an office pal before your night out then Chanel is the way to go. 

It's an ideal opportunity to pick out something a little luxurious for a special lady in your life (including yourself) using the €40 redeemable tag. With the new Christmas make up collection Nuit Infinie de CHANEL, you're sure to feel a million dollars on your way out for the night, the chance to say 'It's Chanel Dahhhlink' is just a bonus. 

Leaving it to the experts means no more getting yourself in a sweat wrangling with the dreaded flicked eyeliner and taking a flannel to your face 30 minutes before your party (I've been there). 

As the season hots up be sure to book at least a week in advance with your counter of choice then sit back and enjoy. 

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