Monday, December 02, 2013

Monday's Moments - 02-12-13

It's December, people, DECEMBER, while I'm miffed that I never did pick up an advent calendar (did you?), I'm still chuffed that now we can officially chat about the big C without people losing their collective shizz - can you feel the festive frisson yet? 

Aside from all that I also have 5 Moments that are chasing away my Monday Blues today and here they be: 

1. It's U! (and me)

This past week saw the Sister appearing in U magazine having the chats about our trip to Brussels and Bruges for the Christmas markets last year. 

Yes, I may look like my mother, shopped out and beered up in the accompanying pic but it's a great little piece and shows just how you can head off to the markets, enjoy them in style and stay on a shoestring. Well worth a goo, congrats Sis. 

2. Reduced Mobility, Heightened Embarrassment!  

Speaking of Christmas markets, the majority of last week was taken up by this years trip to the festive markets in Berlin. Having booked 6 months ago, I was fully convinced that I'd have to miss out this year due to my bandy back but with an upped prescription, a chat with my GP, a case full of heat pads and a sit down every ten minutes we made it. 

My biggest hurdle would be getting to the airport gate, or so I thought - turns out Corrina called ahead and organised the DAA to give me a lift in the buggy!! While killed with embarrassment, I was very grateful for the help. That and I now know how it feels to be in the Popemobile - I'm pretty sure that makes me holier, right? RIGHT?!

3. Who Knew?

This was the first year that the lads joined us for the Christmas trip and I was stunned that they agreed to join us so easily - that was until I realised that the legal drinking age in German is 16!!

Did you know this? I certainly didn't - turns out it's entirely legal to drink wine and beer once the teenagers are with their parents and I can see the sense that makes as I allowed them one and kept a beady eye on them. They both insist that the lax laws were nowt to do with them joining us - I'm trying to believe them...

4. Fancy Meeting You Here!

While visiting the Holocaust memorial in central Berlin we passed by a cycling tour with the guide telling his pack that they were about to set off across Berlin and see his favourite German bar, we were just grumbling about how it would have rocked had I been mobile enough to join in when a pretty cycling tourist approached us. 

'Hello' she said - 'ehm, Hiiii' I said warily - 'OMG HELLLLLOOOO!!' - it was only our cousin Laura having spied us while listening to her guide in the cycling group!! What are the chances of that? I mean seriously? Hugging her quickly and raging that we didn't have the wherewithal to ask for a backer to the bar, she left in a pedalling flurry with her chap to catch up with the tourist group. The odds of us literally crossing paths are pretty incredible. MAD, TED!!

5. The Final Countdown

The last Moment has been a little while coming and looks like it might be another little while in the making but this weekend I managed to sneak a peek at my new custom site header. 

I can't tell you how excited I am to have Stasia B on board working on the new design so nope, I wasn't codding, there's changes afoot on CherrySue and I can't wait to share!

Tell me, what's shifting your Monday Blues this week eh? How about others? Have you made someone else's life a little brighter this week? I'd love to hear!

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