Thursday, December 12, 2013

Things that Rustle My Jimmies

OK, I know I said I'd only be posting stupendously good giveaways for the next fortnight but this week has been a tough one on the ol' Jimmies and I need to unrustle them somehow - it's a public service really -

Here's what's been rustling my Jimmies this week:

1. Alone in the House and a Door Closes Upstairs

 photo Heresabiggerone_92a1c8cbc8267fc818f0120f10552172_zps40646b7b.gif

2. Watching a Horror Movie and Someone 

 photo xSNrD8D_zpsd89d152a.gif

3. THAT Pedi Spin Ad!!

 photo hurl_cam_zps4d2c89f4.gif

4. 'I'm Not Racist... But..'

 photo What_do_I_hate_most-_People_zps00490455.gif

5. When I'm Stuck on the Couch with Bandy Back Spasms waiting for Someone to Come Home...

 photo DnztgdP_zps56fb8961.gif
Aaaaand that's it, all is right with the world once more. 

Let me know in the comments what's been rustling your jimmies, won't you? It helps to talk - it also reduces feelings of stabbiness by up to 89% - true story. 


Beautiful Living said...

The facial expression of that pug is priceless! Cheers :)

pinkshoes76 said...

people watching tv butr on their phone on facebook n then asking eh what happened

SquidgeMundo said...

What rustled my jimmies this week was people following my blog only to unfollow when the I don't follow them back!

Gah, Sigh, etc etc

Anonymous said...

Oh THAT advert, its vile. I dont like ads at the best of times but if thats on and Im eating... vom


Unknown said...

I also hate the micro pedi ad, it actually makes me feel physically sick.