Friday, December 06, 2013

Movies I Can't Wait To See

1. The Amazing Spider-Man 

Having just watched the trailer for this today, I think it could be either great or awful. My reasons for that are mainly based on two of the villains, Electro and The Rhino. I grew up watching (and still do) the truly AMAZING Spider-Man cartoon of the 90's and these guys had fantastically campy costumes. It was green tights with yellow underpants and a ridiculous star-electricity-thing on his head instead of some Static Shock style transformation for Electro, and the Rhino was a big thug in a (rubber?) rhino costume that was stupid and didn't have a new edgy metal suit in the trailer. I get the movies are going for a Warg style human/animal hybrid thing and having recently watched Sideways I know that Paul Giammati is absolutely incredible (Jamie Foxx, not so much..) but straying too far from the original story could really ruin it.

2. Warcraft

It appears that more information on the much anticipated Warcraft movie was released on the 4th, but it seems to a lot of World of Warcraft and original Warcraft lovers that it may be too late after a string of repetitive expansions for the online game; but not for me! I've not played WoW for a while, but after buying a (on-sale!) Razer Naga I thought it was time to jump back in and test this baby in it's proper environment, and what better news for someone like me than news on the movie of Warcraft. I still play Warcraft 3 when my friends and me are at LAN cafés, and this movie certainly has my hopes up to tell stories like how Arthas became the Lich King or the Horde vs. Alliance War properly. Oh, and for the record, FOR THE HORDE!

3. Anchorman 2

It's almost here everybody!!! Will Ferrell seems to have morphed into Ron Burgundy, even going as far as actually being an anchor on a Canadian news channel. While Anchorman is by far my favourite comedy, for some reason all this forceful advertisement doesn't bode well in my eyes, meaning that Anchorman 2 will need to be as good, if not better than the original or it will be branded as bad and a huge let down.

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Makeup Monster said...

Really hope Anchorman 2 is good, worried it won't be too!