Friday, June 13, 2014

Begin Again - Movie Review


Who's in it?


What's it about?

After being fired from his own indie music label, Mark Ruffalo goes on a bender that night and meets Kiera Knightley - a talented singer that has recently moved to New York where her growing star boyfriend (Adam Levine) ended their relationship.

Any Good?

Eh, this film is the true definition of 's'alri' for me - the soundtrack is not bad at all and it has a sort of endearing quality about it.

Mark Ruffalo plays a drunk introvert in this really well, but I couldn't help feel that he would be so much more suited to play this role for Bruce Banner/The Hulk; he constantly is drunk and is easily agitated. Keira Knightley isn't bad, she does however display the most fantastic horror monster faces in her serious one-on-one situations that I couldn't help but laugh at. Adam Levine was pretty good at being a douche; the highlight of his part being that the soundtrack had him singing to the classic Maroon 5 that I unashamedly love with all my heart.

This film is watchable if not just for the soundtrack, the only real let down was CeeLo Green being the discount P. Diddy with an atrocious rapping scene that he sounded scarily enthusiastic about. It's basically just an adult High School Musical with alcoholism, kind of like the later lives of the actors from those films..


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