Monday, June 09, 2014

Brace Yourselves - Father's Day is Coming. A Gift Guide for All Budgets.

Daddy's Day is almost upon us, next Sunday to be precise, how about a couple of notions as to what you can pick up for your Pops if you haven't already? I've chosen something from all price points so hopefully you'll find something to suit if you're still searching for Father's Day. 

1. LUKE, IS MISE D'ATHAIR Tee from Hairy Baby: €15 Here

From Small to XXL and available in 8 colours, there isn't an Irish Sci-Fi geek Daddio alive that wouldn't get a kick out of this Hairy Baby special. Entering every room and pointing at his own chest with a Peter Kay grin, why would you deny your father that pleasure, why? 

2. L'Occitane Mer & Mistral. Collection €77 here 
or Buy Seperately from €8

As L'Occitane scents go, the limited edition Mer & Mistral is a strapping one. Blended with pine, cypress and rosemary, I thought of my own dear Dad as soon as I sampled it. Masculine yet fresh with lemon and tangerine top notes, I wouldn't blame you should you hand this one over like Homer giving Marge a bowling ball , it's a unisex winner. 

3. Gentlemen's Tonic Mayfair Set- Horn. €189 Here
10% Off with Code LFNEW

How about adding a little old school dappery to your Dad's shaving routine. This Gentlemen's Tonic (from the eponymous Mayfair male grooming parlour and spa) shaving set is an everyday luxury for men to keep them spruced up in style. The soft badger hair brush applies shaving foam with ease and the Mach III gives a superior shave every time. This isn't one I'd be pilfering back but you can bet your bottom dollar your Dad will love using this every day. Daily brownie points over your siblings? YAY!

4. Wrestler Bottle Opener: €4.83 Here

One of the funniest bottle openers I've seen in quite a while, who among us doesn't want to open their beers Nacho Libre style? I had never really gotten the whole masked wrestler hysteria but I do have an elder brother that bought a Mexican wrestling mask on our trip to Amsterdam a couple of years back, dubbed himself El Mexicano and photobombed everyone we encountered in the city. I am now wise to the hilarity and can't stop laughing looking at this stupid thing. I guarantee you know a Daddio that'll feel the same. 

5. Molton Brown Limited Edition Caju & Lime: From €22 Here

Molton Brown is one of my own Dad's HG brands. Birthdays, Christmas and Father's Day, it's Molton Brown he asks for. Did you think I licked it from the ground? This limited edition Caju & Lime collection is MB's offering for the World Cup Brazilian hysteria but it's the first of them that I genuinely like. Caju fruit, spearmint and lime make this fresh and zesty scent one to try. If your Dad likes his fragrances lively then this is the one for him. (Again, pilfer at will once you've bought it, this stuff is gorgeous)

You can't forget a card for the man himself and one of my favourite Irish artists and all 'round hilarious people, Twisted Doodles has an entire selection here for €2.30 each. Truth be told if sheckles are tight, a thoughtful card and a cup of cha with you is all your Dad really needs. He'd like one of the awesome gifts above but I'm sure he'd appreciate a little company regardless. 

Happy Father's Day to the Padres that have done and are still doing a cracking job. 
We salute you. 

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