Monday, June 09, 2014

Monday's Moments - 09/06/14

Things have been pretty hectic 'round this way of late, meaning Monday's Moments haven't been uploaded every week. Not usually one to change my outlook because of tacktastic quotes on sunset memes or the like, I saw the picture below this week and it reminded me to give a little thanks and count my blessings once more, isn't that what Monday's Moments are all about? 

1. Buh Gok

Living with teenage lads is not something I ever thought would bring me the greatest joy on earth but these two beasts that I'm raising make me laugh every single day, even when it's at my expense. I was calling Aaron for over an hour to come down for his breakfast last week and this ominous threat popped up on my FB Messenger from him in his pit. 

I went from mumbling about ungrateful gits under my breath to almost choking on my coffee in seconds. It's hard to stay mad at him when he's one of the funniest feckers I know. He knows me well. Git like him. 

2. If I Disappear - She Did It!!

Cos that's not freaky at all, CAT!!
Ever get a feeling someone's watching you while you sleep? There's not many creepier feelings than that, is there? How about the feeling that a cat is plotting your demise? Boo will happily sleep all day, apart from crazy hour in the evening but once everyone's gone to bed she makes it her mission to freak me out by staring at me from obscure places. 

4.30am last Thurs I happened to wake and there she was, OUTSIDE my window, staring at me like the little furry freak she is. Adam (her person) refuses to believe me so I snapped this to prove it. If ever I go on the missing list, blame the cat, won't you?

3. Five for Five!

You'll have seen by now that the Belfast, London and Edinburgh Groupon City Guides have gone live and don't they look great? As the Style & Beauty Blogger for the Dublin contingent, I've been feverishly working on content for months now so that our city can launch with a bang too. 

One of the hardest things about writing back content is coming up with original content that will stand the test of time. Usually I'll pitch 2-3 ideas and 2 are chosen, that's how it's set up. Last month, however, I took a punt and pitched 5, hoping for 2. I got an instant response asking for all 5 ASAP. I'm absolutely thrilled and more excited than ever for our Guide to launch so you can see what we've been cooking up.  

4. Orange Is The New 'Ah Feck, I'm Finished'

One whole year we've been waiting on the new season of #OITNB, 12 months, 53 weeks. The thing with Netflix though is that it's a binger's dream. I had convinced myself after inhaling season 2 of House of Cards in 13 hours that it was a bad idea to do the same this time 'round. Did I stay convinced? Did I heck as like. 

13 hours and a bit, that's what it took. Episode after episode, not even waiting for the 14 second countdown. There were moments of brilliance, the characters came into their own and the whinging, self absorbed pain in the flute that is Chapman was given minimal air time. The ending was perfection and I'm wholly convinced I'll re-watch just to savour it but all in all it was a success, an exhausting success. Oh, Netflix how I love to hate you. 

5. A Day in the Life of a Dublin Blogger

Thursday gone is easily one of the busiest days I've had blog wise in a very long time. I'm not complaining, not for one second, leaving the house at 8am and darting from appointment to meeting to event to meeting to awards was one of the most tiring but one of the most rewarding days I've enjoyed so far. 

I've managed to cut down to part time in work because the blog has been so successful and they're words I would never, ever have thought I'd type. I honestly have to pinch myself every time a wonderful invite comes in the door or I get a fabulous compliment as I never in a million years would have thought that this is the direction my life (our lives) would take. I do want to thank each of you sincerely and on behalf of the Gorgebags too. Enjoying our time this much would never have been possible without ye checking in to see what lunacy we're getting up to. Honestly though, thanks <3 

(If you'd like a full Day in the Life post, do just say the word in the comments and I'll spill all - I might even gather the courage to vlog the next one!)

Tell me, what's chasing away your Monday Blues today then? What's been the highlight of your week? 

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