Monday, September 15, 2014

Monday's Moments - 15/09/14

Good morning, Monday! Truth be told last week was sent to test me but THIS, this is a new week - I've shaken the lurgy and I'm firing on all cylinders. Wanna see the Moments that mean this Monday kicks ass? Sure isn't that why you're here?!

1. Finally Shaking Off The Lurgy!

 photo tumblr_mh5hailABP1s3jwk3o1_500_zpse07bfad7.gif

2. Managing A Full Face Of Slap Once More

 photo come20see20how20good20I20look_zps52e69444.gif

3. Fixing The Banjaxed Shower By My Very Self! 

 photo 277379__safe_applejack_animated_screencap_edit_glasses_mayor2Bmare_muscles_artist-colon-superedit_muscle_mayorjack_flex_stro_zpsba424f95.gif

4. Frightening The Bejebus Of Adoreabubbles' Brother When He Gatecrashed An Event

 photo Diana_lea_chord_laughing_zpsde32a0d3.gif

5. Catching The Ant & Dec Takeaway On Tour in The Point with the familia- 
Funniest Live Show We've Ever Seen!

 photo mGi8DoR_zps836d9282.gif

And that's them - the five Moments that are making my Monday a breeze. 

Tell me what's been the highlight of your week?
 You don't need to answer this one Simon Adoreabubbles - we already know yours! 

Have a fab week everyone! 

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