Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Tuesday Chattery - Budget Beauty Treatments in Penney's - Will Ya?

Having heard a couple of whispers I made some inquiries yesterday and it turns out that, yep, fast fashion mecca, Penney's/Primark are about to offer budget beauty treatments in store, alongside their budget buys. 

With the first opening being a Nail & Lash bar in their Mary St store on September 29th, Love Beauty by Mohindra are set to take the affordable treatment world by storm. Worry not about quality of care though as Monika has been in charge of training at world famous Shavata Studios for 15 years!

There'll be nails, lashes and eventually brows, all at prices more akin to New York salons, rather than the somewhat exorbitant prices we pay in Dublin now. Here's just a taster:

Manicure: €12
File & Paint: €7
French Polish: +€3
Gel Polish: €17
Threading: €7
Eyebrow Tinting: €7 

Considering I paid €36 for a thread & tint just this month, 
I'll certainly be checking them out. I could have my brows sorted and enough left for fleece pjs AND fluffy socks?! Can you say BARG?

Tell us, are you looking forward to more affordable treatments? 

Will you be getting your nails did in the space of time it takes to queue in Penney's of a weekend anyway? 

Let's Chat!

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