Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Dior Tie Dye Collection Summer 2015 ~ The Cherry Picks ft Pink Sunrise, Coral Sunset & Cosmic Pink!

We've established I'm a beauty addict, right? The last 4 years of writing & pining about beauty haven't gone unnoticed I'm sure. Even with that level of grá though, there's still something a little bit special about a product (or two, or three) that haunt my thoughts until I possess it. Case in point: Dior Nude Tan Pink Sunrise & Coral Sunset blushes. Can I get an A.MEN!?

Dior Diorskin Nude Tan Limited Edition Tie Dye Blush Pink Sunrise €57 Here
I mean. Do I even need to? One glimpse at the tie dye beauty of Pink Sunrise and I was hooked. While our Travel writer, Corrina, has always been a Dior fiend (to the point of her credit card company calling her after a splurge in Vegas) but I was never bitten by the brand bug. That all changed when I saw the Tie Dye collection. 

Dior Pink Sunrise Nude Tan Tie Dye Blush, to give it its full title is as beautiful a blush as I've seen. A stunning array of mauve shimmer, smokey pink matte, tan matte & white shimmer, the world really is your lobster with application here. Concentrate your brush on the colour you'd like to see more of or swirl that sucker for the most beautiful rose pink effect. Ideal for paler skin tones and work day looks. 

It was only when I brought myself to actually use Pink Sunrise that I realised the colours are not spray on, they're right the way down to pan so swirl to your hearts content and just one blow will bring back it back to its former glory. It really is a thing of beauty. So much so that Coral Sunset haunted my ever waking minute. These blushes are seriously spendy at €57 but they're also limited edition - the two words that can strike fear into any makeup lovers' heart. 

Dior Diorskin Nude Tan Limited Edition Tie Dye Blush Coral Sunset €57 Here
Again. Just look at it. I erred when picking up Pink Sunrise because even though I am eternally drawn to peaches and corals, I genuinely believed that Coral Sunset would be more suited to a darker skin tone. I was wrong. 

Here were talking almost fluorescent orange shimmer, candy orange matte, warm coral matte and, again white shimmer highlight. It. Is. STUNNING. Application is exactly as with Pink Sunrise but I find you can build blush more easily with Coral Sunset. Not only that but I've even managed to forgo highlight when sporting these summer stunners. 

Just a word on the brush for application, you're given a densely packed kabuki for application and to be honest, it's the only let down of these blushes and this collection for me. The brush itself is far too small to create the airbrushed effect you're after with colours like these and I've found can concentrate the pigment and make the blush difficult to work with. It's a huge shame, as when paying luxe prices you'd expect luxe accessories. As travel contour brushes though, they're perfecto. 

Dior Diorskin Nude Tan Limited Edition Tie Dye Blush Coral Sunset Swatch - Pink Sunrise Swatch

Last but not least of my Cherry Picks from this collection is one of their limited edition lippies in Cosmic Pink. Again I couldn't pass up the design. Each of the four shades has a predominant colour with a contrasting colour in the CD logo that runs right through the bullet to give the shade an extra dimension. Cosmic Pink was made for me. 
Dior Cosmic Pink
The main bullet is a dusky pink with hot pink shot through. When it comes to spending serious sheckles on lipstick then I'm always sure that it's a colour I'll wear again and again (I'm not that blinded by beauty). You best believe I'll be wearing Cosmic Pink to the very, very last. From the iridescent heavy weight Dior tube to the moisturising bullet within, I love everything about this lipstick. Everything. 

DIOR Dior Addict Lipstick- Tie Dye Edition Cosmic Pink: €35 Here
While I appreciate this collection and Dior as a brand are on definitely on the high end of the spend spectrum, I truly believe these pieces are worth it. Whether it's a present for a special someone or a celebratory self gift for your very self, I'd highly recommend you get to see Dior Tie Dye before it inevitably flies off counter.   

What make ye of this collection? Are you tempted? 

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