Friday, May 29, 2015

San Andreas - Movie Review

Who's In It?

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What's It About?

After a few earthquakes along the San Andreas fault line, the entire plate decides to shift and pulls the east coast of America off the continent. 

Any Good? 

This film is what would happen if you crossed 2012 with bad cliche romance and even WORSE effects - I had never seen a film that had worse practical effects than CGI before this, but now I see the use of bad CGI as opposed to bad practical effects.

From the outset the characters were a bit eh, as was the child's toy helicopter they used instead of just flying a real one, but seeing The Rock gurn at Mr. Fantastic while he did his best Jeff Goldblum impression was still the best part of the film. The moment it totally turned though was when the nice guy at a high pressure interview with the daughter had a bad English accent.

A much prettier sight

The entire movie was just a literal rip-off of 2012 with worse acting and the worst love story possible. British boy meets main girl and saves her life, falls in love, then The Rock skydives out of a plane and punches a window for a while, AND THAT'S IT. Even Paul Giamatti couldn't work with the script, and you could see he reaaally tried his best. If you're thinking of going to see this, PLEASE watch and support Mad Max instead - the world really wants that sequel. 

TL;DR - your mother fell over.


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