Monday, May 25, 2015

Monday's Moments ~ 25/02/15

What a week, what a week, WHAT A WEEK!!

There's been some incredible happenings 'round these parts, this week especially. Some plans set into motion, some opportunities grabbed with both hands but most importantly a new dawn, a new day and who among us isn't feeling good?!

To name but five Moments of this past week that I'm beyond grateful for: 

1. Both Gorgebags taking part in the Aviva #bringyourboots campaign. 
Look Out for Them on a Tellybox Near You Soon!

2. My Baby Graduating Secondary School!

3. Dashing to Vote Before My Flight, as I Repinned my Yes Badge the Chap Behind Me Motioned to My Bag & Asked if I Needed a Lift. I Did!

4. An Incredible Two Days Spent in 
London Town with Smashbox UK. 

5. Returning Home to a Nation that Made Equality History by Popular Vote! 

Tell us, what Moments mean you're giving the Monday Blues the old heave ho this week?

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