Friday, June 19, 2015

Entourage - Movie Review

Who's In It?


What's It About?

Vincent Chase and his entourage of friends, brother and agent team up with Ari Gold one more time to make Vincent's directorial debut.

Any Good?

Having never watched Entourage before neither me nor De Maaa knew what to expect, and it took maybe 20 minutes to realise what it really is - The Inbetweeners with money.

The story is total #firstworldproblems, Vinny Chase goes over-budget on his film Hyde, which causes mental case and studiohead Ari Gold to take a trip to Vegas to get more money from financial backer Billie-Bob Thornton. Billie-Bob's rich father character is busy, so he sends his son Haley Joel Osment with Ari to decide whether to throw in more money - simple enough story but the characters really make it shine.

Ari Gold in a picture (literally too)

I liked everyone in this, but my favourite had to be Ari Gold. A whackjob with an anger problem and controlling wife, his scenes with cameos from people like Liam Neeson were hilarious - everyone either hates him or is terrified of him. The entourage themselves were great together - it was like watching real friends mess with each other when they made sly jokes, the cast was just fantastic together. E and Turtle were hilarious - one trying to pretend he's a soft romantic soul while sleeping with everyone he can and the other getting in the ring to fight Ronda Rousey to win a date (I'd probably do the same to be fair..).

My favourite character had to be Ari, but Haley Joel Osment was great on his on as the spoiled kid in love with Emily Ratajkowski. I really enjoyed this (probably because I loved The Inbetweeners), and have started watching the series which I HIGHLY recommend.




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