Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerise Review WITH Swatches! ft Mona Lisa, Marie Antoinette, Bette, Norma Jean & Verushka!

It's a rare occasion that I'll tell you that €26 spent on an eye shadow is money well spent. Even rarer that I'll tell you that five times over. Well look out for the blue moon this very night because I'm about to do just that. If the above picture of Charlotte Tilbury's Eyes to Mesmerise (my most popular Instagram by a mile!) isn't enough to tickle your beauty loving pickle then the swatches below just might be. 

There's six metallic, cream to sheen shades available in this line up. Having been gifted Veruschka at a recent Charlotte Tilbury press event, it was instant grá and I went online the following week to snap up four more. I now have five in my ever expanding stash and the only reason I didn't opt for the sixth, Cleopatra was that I could justify the splurge on 4 if it wasn't the entire collection. Sure that'd be mad. That and Cleopatra is a vibrant, peacock hued metallic, despite my occasional notions, the Queen of Egypt I am not. 

Instead I opted for the more flattering, for my skin tone, neutrals:

  • Mona Lisa - A copper based chocolate bronze with gold microshimmer. Hugely flattering on green/blue eyes as all good coppers are. 
  • Marie Antoinette - Described as an antique oyster gold, there's definite copper undertone leanings here. Of the six, this is the most universally flattering and wearable for both day and night. If you were to opt for just the one, I'll lobby that this is your best bet. 
  • Bette - This is quite literally a little pot of gold. Amber gold to be precise. I'm LOVING this as a sheer wash of colour when paired with a burgundy liner. Of the 5, Bette gets the most compliments on wear. Hands down. 
  • Norma Jean - A sparkling pink champagne of a shade. Again, Norma Jean is universally flattering but doesn't quite give enough colour payoff for me to recommend it as a stand out. It's a stunning base for adding serious vibrancy to your shadow looks and a pretty wash of su'him su'him in its own right. If 'barely there' colour is your pash, then Norma Jean is for you. 
  • Veruschka - Ridiculously pigmented, you only need the tiniest amount of this minky moss/greeny gold lustrous cream to transform your look in just one swipe. I love this shade so much it featured front & centre in my May Faves HERE!

Charlotte Tilbury's Eyes to Mesmerise Swatches

The bane of my metallic shadow loving life has always been creasing. I don't have the oiliest eyeballs in the business but it can be very easy to get the formulation or indeed the application wrong. As a rule when applying concealer I'll sweep it up and over my lid as an everyday primer and truthfully, the Eyes to Mesmerise shades have never needed any more assistance than that. If you find they do then a shadow primer like Urban Decay's Primer Potion is sure to do the trick. 

Just one swipe of each gives a gorgeous wash of colour for every day wear but they're each easily buildable with neither muss nor fuss after the fact for desk to disco shenanigans. In short, a hard working girl's dream of a shadow. 

At last count Brown Thomas had completely sold out of the line but for one shade and that's not for nothing. If you'd like almost overnight shipping from BTs then you can pick up Bette for €26 HERE. But if you too have been hypnotised by more than one metallic beauty, you'll find the entire line on Charlotte Tilbury's site for £22 HERE and they can be easily delivered through Parcel Motel

I know I'm an enabler, I KNOW but never without good cause, right? 

Tell me, is there anything here catching your eye? 

Have you already bought and consequently fallen for any shades yourself? 

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