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Louboutin Lipstick Lip Swatches & Review ~ A Guest Post by Katie Healy!

When I saw Louboutin was to release lipsticks there was just one lady I knew I could trust with a review. Katie Healy of What Katie Healy Did is the epitome of glamour online, just one peek at her Instagram HERE will tell you that. If you are lucky enough to know Katie in real life though you'll know that it's not just a digital persona, she is truly beautiful and exudes every ounce of elegance in person that she portrays online. 

All of that and she's a Louboutin super fan. While I couldn't justify the €85 tag, I knew she wouldn't be able to resist. I was right. Before you empty your life savings for a Louboutin lipstick, take a look at an unbiased, informative review from a lady that really knows what she's talking about. Take it away, Katie!

I have a few weaknesses in life with Lipstick and Louboutins topping that list.
It was only a matter of time before the master himself brought out his very own range of beauty products. 

The iconic red sole was created by Christian after he saw the first prototype of his shoe, he felt that something was lacking. Christian grabbed his assistants bottle of nail varnish and painted the sole RED. Must'a been some bottle of nail varnish I tell ya!.
When Rouge Louboutin nail varnish was launched, I bought it straight away. The aesthetics of the bottle got me from the get go and luckily the product itself was rather good, as it should be for a €45.00.

The lipsticks come in 36 exquisite shades and in three textures, opulent Silky Satin, luminous Sheer Voile and rich Velvet Matte. I opted to spoil myself and bought myself Me Nude Silky Satin & Rouge Louboutin Velvet Matte.

Me Nude applied like a dream and wore very well. The colour is very pretty, a lovely nude, it just didn't blow me away. That is no fault of the lipstick; I feel I just didn't choose the right shade for me.The lipstick felt luxurious and I was complimented on it but it did not feel very ‘me’.Truth is the packaging is my favourite part, gold and luxurious I wanted to keep it in my hand at all times, It is just so beautiful and elegant!

The lipsticks come on a pretty ribbon so you can wear it around your neck as a talisman’ but that’s taking it a little too far…isn’t it??? Might give it a go.

My beloved MAC ‘Ruby Woo’ can be a pest to keep perfect as it is very drying so I am always on the hunt for the perfect(er) Matte. Rouge Louboutin glided onto my lips and from the second it was applied it made my whole look pop.I was aware it was an extremely good lipstick and not one I picked up for a fiver. It FELT very nice on my lips.

Louboutin Lipstick in Me Nude: £60/€85 HERE

The Louboutin lipsticks are enriched with a complex of natural oils and seed butters to enhance moisturisation and I have to say, it does make a difference. I didn't touch up my lips for the whole day. I had been singing at choir, eating and chatting. I totted up five or so hours of wear before things started to feel a little dry. I dabbed it off and reapplied. I did this as I didn't want to run the risk of letting the lipstick ‘flake’ making reapplication messy.

Would I recommend the lipsticks? Yes but there really is a BUT. 
I wanted the Louboutin lipsticks from a make up lovers AND a collectors point of view. I wasn't expecting them to be any better than any other lipstick I have tried. I had no expectations.

Louboutin Lipstick in Rouge Louboutin: £60/€85 HERE

Rouge Louboutin genuinely HAS become my favourite red. If like me, you are a Ruby Woo lover and feel you want to splash out, go for it. Say YES to the lipstick. If you are going to buy it and expect it to change your life/surpass all lipsticks you've ever tried- NO.
It is a good lipstick in a deadly bullet but it is NOT life changing. Don't purchase if you are someone who will absolutely regret the splurge at the end of the month.

Christian Louboutin is a luxury brand and by simply glancing at the lipsticks you can tell they are a luxury item. They look like jewelled bullets, opulent and lust worthy.
You must be prepared to understand while these are very lovely lipsticks, the price tag is aimed at a luxury market, €85 a pop! 

No lipstick can guarantee happiness, a perfect body or an improved quality of life- This range can give you beautifully coloured lips, a pep in your step and the excitement of owning something that looks like it would be used by an ancient Egyptian Queen in times!

See? That's what I CALL a review! Thank you so much, Katie. If you'd like to see more of this beautiful lady and her no nonsense reviews then you can catch up with her on Twitter: @Whatkhdid & Facebook:What Katie Healy Did.  She's a long time favourite of mine. 

Have you splurged on Louboutin Beauty? Think you might be tempted now? 

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