Friday, October 30, 2015

Halloween Classic vs. Remake: Fright Night!

Fright Night (1985)

Directed in 1985 by Tom Holland, the original FRIGHT NIGHT is almost totally different from the remake.

 The characters are a lot better, with Chris Sarandon as a much better brooding and subtle vampire than Colin Farrel’s plain guy who happens to be a vampire. Evil Ed is also incredible, a brilliant turn by Stephen Geoffreys and fantastic special effects that more than hold up today make him one of my favourite things in anything EVER.

Fright Night Remake (2011)

The FRIGHT NIGHT remake is a 3D-focused modern re-telling by Craig Gillespie. Way back in 2011 we saw this at Moviefest (RIP) and I can remember really enjoying it. 

It has Colin Farrell as a badass vampire with a bad accent hunting the main character, and David Tennant at his best as Peter Vincent magician and vampire lore master – a rip of real magician Criss Angel. Entertaining, cheesy and sometimes funny, the only let down is the AWFUL 3D CGI blood and gore that has NOT aged well and ruins some great scenes; but if you can get past that it’s well worth a watch.

Original vs. Remake: The original is more sexual, has better music/atmosphere, and is overall vastly superior in nearly every way - except for David Tennant’s Peter Vincent and the insanity of the final fight. While the remake is entertaining enough, the original might be my favourite vampire movie ever.

Winner: Original.

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