Monday, August 24, 2015

Back to College with Life Style Sports!

There are many things I'm grateful for now that the Gorgebags have finished school entirely; no more uniforms, no more book lists, no more parent-teacher meetings (!), the fact that now they can eat a sack of peanuts for their lunch should they be so inclined and no more hefty back to school costs! 

I was, however ready to treat them to a couple of extras for their college wardrobes so when Life Style Sports approached us and offered to aid their third level wardrobe plight, sure there was no way we were going to pass up! I thought I might pop up a post in case you're in the final throes of Back to School panic, as I ever was in the last week of August so you know you have options that won't break the bank. 

It's funny that living within a ten minute walk of our nearest Life Style that I've never considered them for Back to School needs before but within 5 minutes of arrival I could spot black footwear, PE gear, sports socks and equipment & all manner of kit & school bags. 

Those and a swarm of Mums & Dads making the most of the specific sales for the occasion. I did have a pic of the specific sale prices but from memory it's up to 30%. That's a daycent amount of change over for smelly erasers & the eleventybillion copy books you're going to need too. 

Converse Sports Gear ~ Just one of the pleasant surprises for the lads
Aaron has always been an All Star fan, I can remember buying his first Cons when he was just a nipper so he was thrilled to find Converse sports gear on offer. I love these oversized hoodies, they always remind me of American college wear. He chose a heavy cotton navy hoodie for over his shirts but has since said he's going back for the legs. 

Team bags with up to 30% off
There's a huge array of kit and team bags on both floors of the store we were in. Ad opted for a Dublin bag for folders but chucked in a cheeky Adidas kit bag for the gym too. I think when kids are so restricted by uniforms, it's nice to let them choose their own málas to get them excited for back to school. If it sports their favourite team for secondary rather than their primary bag with Iggle Piggle waving his red hanky then mores the better. 

Stella for Adidas ~ Rawwwr!
While it's a definite help to see such good value for the little 'uns, I couldn't help but notice the choice for Mamas too. For the most part they're the ones doing the school runs, right? That and they're the ones squeezing in their workouts, while the childerbeasts are in school.

Every section has decent sales racks with a full array of sizes but it's the Stella for Adidas collections that caught my eye. I don't think I've been in store for a couple of years but their choice in women's kit has seriously improved from memory. Those leopard print sports leggings & bright cotton socks are going in my mála for Pilates the next time I'm in!

All in all I was seriously impressed with the value for money on big sports names on offer. I'll definitely pop back for a few bits. The fact they also stock Serious Mass & Gold Standard gym supplements at decent prices means Life Style have also won over a repeat customer in Adam.

If you're scrambling last minute to tick off your Back to School or College list I'd say pop in to one of Life Style's 60 stores or better still, save the sweat,  take a squizz online at their offers this week and let me know if you bagged a bargain!

Disclaimer: While this is not
a sponsored post, Life Style
Sports did gift the Gorgebags 
with vouchers for shoppng. 
The lucky gits!

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