Monday, August 24, 2015

Monday's Moments ~ 24/08/15

1. I often stay late in the office and go directly to town if I have an evening meeting or event scheduled. This means I bring my makeup bag and jacket if needed. On Friday, however I forgot both! 

Cue a 2pm delivery from Essence, including not only their A/W collection but a beautiful cream woolen shawl too! It's times like this I legitimately feel like I'm on Truman Show ~ if that's the case then I'm very grateful to the producers!

2. Speaking of Friday evening, it was spent on the rooftop of Industry & Co with the gorgeous girls Becky & Alex from Pink Elephant Blog & my good friend Vivi (and several new pals too). We were at a pop up long table supper by Jette Virdi, she's not one of the country's top food stylists for nothing!

The urban rooftop was transformed in the warm evening sunlight with wild flowers and again when twilight struck when the eleventy billion candles and outdoor string lights lit up. Phenomenal food and even better company meant it's one of the most uplifting dins I've ever enjoyed. Food for the soul. Quite literally. 

3. The evening was such fun that it continued into the wee hours. It was only when walking with Vivi to get cabs that I realised how late/early it was. There was a Nightlink waiting to leave that would drop me directly to my door! 

Accidentally making the Nightlink is one thing but his Leap machine didn't work either, so instead of paying the guts of €40 for a cab, I got a free ride home for zilch! Good. Times!

4. I posted on my instagram yesterday about my new talons. I'm not usually one for longer nails but having seen these rose gold beauties on Tropical Popical's Insta feed a couple of weeks back I knew I had to have them!

Jenny did an incredible job, and also shared the colour used (Orly's Rage). I was so instantly smitten that I ordered a bottle for both my Sis and I on Fragrance Direct for sheckles, while waiting for these bad boys to dry. 

5. Last and again BY NO MEANS least is Aaron being a ledgebag (more so than usual like). I came home on Saturday night after birthday cocktails and dins with good pals but exhausted from the weekend's shenanigans. 

As soon as I opened my bedroom door I could smell fresh laundry. He'd only gone and washed & changed my bed! Granted he did it because he'd left my door open and our big fat Rottie, Diesel had made himself at home on the duvet but still. I could have shaken him awake just to thank him. Unexpected fresh sheets after a long night? Best. Feeling. EVER!

So tell us, what's your Monday's Moments this week? 

What are you grateful for? Hmmm?

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