Monday, August 31, 2015

Monday's Moments ~ 31/08/15

Monday, Monday, so good to meeeee!

Moments of deadliness this week include but are not limited to:

1. Walking through the Back to School Armageddon in the shopping centre last week now that both lads are finished school! 

2. Absentmindedly responding to an Engineer on the phone last week with 'Good lad, love you' (what I say to my lads!). It was only when he said 
'Um, thank you' that I realised!! 

3. Dropping in to TK Maxx to pick up a clutch last minute for Miss Ireland on Friday, 
only to pick up an entire new rig out instead!

4. The legend that is Skinny Doll bringing me back a surprise Champagne Pop 
from her Deep South travels!!

5. My baby attending his Debs at the weekend and me suddenly realising he's a grown man ~ 
I'm too young to feel this auld!!

Tell me, what are you grateful for this week? 

What's one Moment that means your Monday Blues are no more? 

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