Thursday, August 06, 2015

Things That Rustle My Jimmies ~ The Snapchat Edit!

You'll have seen that social media land seems to be suddenly besotted with fast & fun platform, Snapchat, right? Yep, it's been around since 2011 and for the most part has been the domain of the YOOF but using the time sensitive app has now become hugely popular in the main stream or as Aaron tells me with 'Normies'. 

I've been on there for a fortnight now, joining reluctantly and instantly becoming HOOKED. While I still feel very like Homer ordering a Tab trying to get used to the interface, there's already 1,200 people viewing my Snaps - IN A FORTNIGHT! 

With great app power though comes great app jimmie rustling ~ in honour of it being Thursday and following on from this morning's ire at opportunistic screenshotters ~ here's my top five Snapchat Jimmie Rustlers so far. Be sure to tell me yours too!

1. It Drains Your Battery Like a MO FO! 
Since downloading the app my mobile phone is no longer mobile in the evenings. It's now a land line and I'm forever tethered to the wall!

2. Because my Snaps are public I'm constantly being sent peoples' ENTIRE DAILY STORY directly to my Inbox so I'm forever confused between 
Snaps meant for me & general randomness...

Tapping through Stories from around the world has become an obsession like no other. 
I can count on one hand how many times 
I've sat in front of the PC or the TV since 
Snapchat entered my life!

4. It DECIMATES your data! 
All of those 10 second Snaps add up like goodo meaning you can only really get your 
fix when you're in a WiFi hotspot. 
I wish I could quit you, Snapchat!

5. Probably the hardest to take is the ABSOLUTE LEVELLER that Snapchat has proven to be. 
Every tiny insecurity is blown out of all proportion with the GODAWFUL filters. I'm not the only one that thinks they've gained speech impediments, 
wonky eyes and WORSE!

Having said ALL of that, still I'm hooked. It may be a phase, it may be forgotten in a month but for now, I just can't stop!!

Tell us, are you on Snapchat? Can you relate?!

Pop your handle in the comments & lemme know, what's rustling your Snapchat jimmies?

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