Friday, December 11, 2015

Daddy's Home - Movie Review

Who's In It?


What's It About?

Just as Sarah's kids are starting to accept her new husband Brad as their father, their biological father Dusty returns to win Sarah back.

Any Good?

I grew up with funny Will Ferrell films, like people did with Adam Sandler. This film seems to be a step in the lazy, money making movies direction for Will Ferrell, like Adam Sandler.

I love Mark Wahlberg as a comedy actor (see: Entourage), and I love Will Ferrell when he plays a character (see: Anchorman) but Daddy's Home strips away any character that they could have had and makes them the stereotypes people have of them. Mark Wahlberg is aggressive tough guy and Will Ferrell is uncool father who gets drunk and makes a show.

The entire film is about as "funny" as this

This film is literally an unfunny, kids version of Step Brothers - it's the exact same story without the friendship at first. The only things remotely funny are Thomas Haden Church as Will Ferrell's boss telling odd stories and the last scene, and that's only because it's a popular meme.

Definitely save your money on this one, I had pretty high hopes after the amazingness that was The Other Guys but Daddy's Home is just bad. Mark Wahlberg is legitimately funny, he made The Happening a so bad it's funny film but he couldn't do the same here.



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