Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Disney at Christmas ~ Watch the Magic Happen Live!

You might remember we told you about The Art of Saying Yes when it comes to travel when Corrina shared THIS incredible Disney bargain a couple of weeks ago. Well the elves on the shelves of the Stone household have spent the past fortnight building up to the big reveal ~ those cheesy grins above are the exact moment our mini travel reporters discovered they'd be flying out to Disney Land Paris!

We've shown you how to make your Disney dreams come true without breaking the bank in THIS POST, staying true to Corrina's Prada Travel on a Primark Purse tag line, but should you want to see the magical Parisian goings on as they happen from the comfort of your own couch then simply take a peek at her Snapchat over at @StoneTravel where she'll be updating daily.

Not gonna lie. I'm GREEN with the jealousy!

Have you been to Disney at this time of the year before? Any hints or tips you'd like to share? 

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