Wednesday, December 16, 2015

WIN: Your Choice of Sparkle & Stationary from The Dotty Lemon! #CherryChristmas Day 16

It's Day 16 of #CherryChristmas and in the spirit of the season we're celebrating home grown business once again. Aisling is the brains and the brawn behind your newest favourite gifts n' pieces website, The Dotty Lemon. We're all for women kicking ass and taking names and if they curate a site as beautiful as The Dotty Lemon, while they're doing it then more's the better. 

We've teamed up today to give you an exclusive all access choice of Aisling's outstanding selection of necklaces and notebooks. That's right, you pick your own prize! Ideal as a gift for an sparkle loving friend, or perhaps you've finished your Christmas list and deserve a little self treat instead? 

Simply choose the necklace that most tickles your magpie-alike pickle HERE and the notebook in which you'd most like to document your nefarious deeds big plans for 2016 HERE and pop them in a comment below today! (be prepared to be transfixed for a while, it's happened to me, more than once!)

Open to UK & Ireland this time with usual T&Cs applying. 

Good Luck!

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