Tuesday, September 06, 2011

A Lonely Place to Die - Preview Review

Who’s in it?

Melissa George, Ed Speleers, Eamonn Walker.

What’s it about?

A team of mountain climbers stumble across a young kidnap victim that is being held underground high on a mountain. Deciding to rescue her, the film sees them hunted by cold blooded hit men that will stop at nothing to get the child back.

Any Good?

A Lonely Place to Die opens with sweeping views of the Scottish Highlands and 3 mountain climbers scaling the sheer side of a cliff my immediate thought was ‘Why?’ but then again I’m not a mountain climby person. (I still get flashbacks from being duped into climbing Croagh Patrick under the pretence of ‘Hill walking’ Croagh feckin’ Patrick!) Cue more sweeping shots of mountains, up and down, around and around. The nausea set in fast with this one.

There was an am dram feel about the characters before they even reached summit. George's pouting is truly the stuff of movie poster and screen shot dreams. The script by Director Julian Wilby and his brother William seemed like an afterthought. Though a heart stopping fright at this point was to signal the first in several shocks and frights to follow. Heart rate up and knowing that these folks were about to make a discovery I couldn't help but want to fast forward, if only to quell the queasiness . The ‘characters’, unfortunately, lacked any kind of chemistry or depth and, because of that, likeability.

In true 'No good deed goes unpunished' fashion, the kidnappers rear their ugly heads as the climbers attempt to get to safety with their reluctant rescued child. These men are menacing, murdering and ruthless. The chase is on. More sweeping shots and shaky camera work, ups the vom level once more.

Having only seen Kill List last week the tension, suspense and shocks are on a par but the humour that endeared you to the Kill List characters is completely void here. There’s jump after jump as the plot twists with several leaps made in the storyline that just don’t gel. There could have been so much more done with what is essentially a great premise. 

As the credits rolled I couldn't help but feel disappointed. I’m sure better casting would have helped. Maybe some climbing rope to span the gaping plot holes too.The budget deficiencies are more than evident but it’s not all bad, if you’re looking for a fast paced survival thriller with not a whole lot of substance this is the one for you. 

(That’s not what my Mother said; I can’t repeat what my Mother said.)


cornflakegirl said...

Mmmm, I might give this one a miss. I can't stand Melissa George, I never have and even stopped watching Grey's Anatomy for the episodes she was in.

Rachelle said...

New design looks great :) Your a whizz on the 'puter. I'm still struggling!

Sue Jordan said...

Hey Thanks R, delighted you like it.

Ehm am far from a whizz though, your new site is beautiful! Did you both design it?