Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What's Your Number? - Preview Review

Who's in it?

Anna Faris, Chris Evans, Blythe Danner,Joel McHale, Sylar!!

What's it about? 

What's Your Number sees Anna Faris decide post Marie Claire article reading that she will be alone forever because her 'number' is so far beyond the 'average'. She decides that one of her past 20 lovers must be the one & enlists the help of Chris Evans to track them down to find out. Based on the book 20 Times a Lady by Karyn Bosnak this is a lighthearted if in your face Rom-Com. 

Any Good?

Anyone that’s seen Bridesmaids will watch the opening scenes of What’s Your Number & think ‘Ah here!’ I can only imagine that the makers of this film cringed when watching Bridesmaids opening scenes too. Frame for frame it’s a carbon copy.

The storyline for this film is a relatively new one, its not often Hollywood sees a lead female speak so openly & freely about her sexuality. If only we had a better female lead. This may be prejudice on my side but I just don’t see the attraction with Anna Faris as an actress. Her delivery of lines seems forced and her lip work is overdone to the point of being distracting. That being said when she played her previous roles as a vapid, clueless blonde she seemed perfectly cast. Too cruel?

All is not lost though; there are some genuine Laugh Out Loud moments here. The rest of the ensemble pull their weight beautifully, Gwynnie’s Mam, Blythe Danner, playing Aly’s Mam here is genius. As is Chris Evan’s role as Colin Shea, the horny, bad boy neighbour cum saviour. He is sharp, funny and very often gratuitously nekkid, which doesn’t hurt. Before any of you yell hypocrisy at me Anna also gives her assets a good airing on set. Something for everyone, eh?

Nudeyness a GoGo!

This film, while yet to be classified is easily a 16’s rating. For the nudity and the language or simply the premise alone. It is definitely worth a watch though for light entertainment, if, unlike me, you actually like Anna Faris or get why she was included here then you’ll love this.

Having just seen an interview with the lady herself about the film I realised she’s actually the Executive Producer of What’s Your Number, in the words of KT Tunstell ‘Suddenly I see’

Vay Importanté: I'd like to thank the outstanding organising skillz & generosity of the Fabulous Kirstie over at Prudence for the chance to gawk at this early. Yay! 


Beyond Blush said...

I actually do like Anna Farris! Love the House Bunny :) So I'm looking forward to seeing this movie :)
Thanks for the review!

Sue Jordan said...

HaHa OPI, then you will LOVE this ;)