Monday, September 05, 2011

Winner Alert!!

Thanks so much to all of you that have entered the Chanel Giveaway that ended lastnight. Having giveaways will be rocketing into today's Monday's Moments as I've been like a child all week with the excitement. 

Without further ado, the winning number was..... 

And the corresponding lovely was.....

MissGreenEyes - @Shannairl herself!
And the crowd go wild *Yaaarrgghhh*

Huge congrats Sharon, please send me on your address and I can pop this little beauty in the post. 

If you haven't won this time (& if you're not Sharon, you haven't) Please don't despair, I could really get used to this Giveaway Buzz - during the course of this one my little ol' blawg cleared 100 followers and I'm hugely grateful to each one of you. 

I am awaiting word from  about their incoming Sleek Nude palettes and the resulting 100 Follower Giveaway *may* have a little something to do with that. 

Stick around, things are about to get interestin'! (well more interestin' anyway) 


Nic, Strawberry Blonde said...

lol you crazy lady & well done Miss Green Eyes!

*falls in heap and weeps*


Nic xx

S said...

Ah lads I'm like a child on Christmas morning here, can NOT believe it, been a nail polish-aholic since I was about 17 and have never owned a Chanel one!!! Thanks a million!!! This is starting to smack of a dodgy acceptance speech so I'll feck off, but seriously, THANK YOU!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Congrats :)

cornflakegirl said...

MissGreenEyes-Woohoo, congrats.