Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday's Moments - 12/9

You know I'm actually consciously looking out for good stuff since introducing this regular feature & guess what? Its kinda nice! Without further ado, my glorious moments this week have been:

1. Story?

This weekend my elder Broseph that I've mentioned several times was home with his lovely wife for a family gathering. While we're very close and talk/text/email every other day there's nothing quite like physically seeing a family member that lives overseas.

Laughing, joking and catching up are all great but a big brotherly bear hug? I'll take a couple of those please.

2. You did What?

Searching for my blouse the other day for a meeting I knew someone had moved it. After turning the wardrobe inside out I asked the eldest Gorgebag. 'Yeah, I had a bit of washing to do so did some of yours too. Is that OK?'

'Is it what? It's only gone & made my day you beautiful child' *cue affectionate noogie.

3. I Got Sunshiiiine...

Grabbing a quick bite of lunch on my ownio the other day it dawned on me that the coffee shop had placed tables outside. They now basically have a courtyard between two buildings but looking out over the fields.

Realising there was no one else out there I slipped outside with my salad. The place is a suntrap! I turned the phone on silent showed my mush to the sun and let it warm my bones. There's not a feeling like it in the world.

4. Jus' Chattin' 

This is going to seem like the nerdiest thing I've posted (so far) but several of my moments of chuffage this week have followed tweets or mentions by celebriddies that I've a lot of respect for.

There was Harlan Coben thanking us for recommending his books. Jackie Collins agreeing with me on the nudey merits of Jason Segel in Forgetting Sarah Marshall but the couple that have tickled my poindexter fancy more than those were RTs and Thanks for my review of Kill List by the Director, Cinematographer and the main character.

As a relative newbie to Twidder I know the novelty of accessible stars may diminish, but for now? It feckin' rocks.

5. Brand Spankin'

Final moment of delight this week has a direct correlation to number 1. Having a great time at the family gathering, naturally, involved cocktails. Several pitchers of cocktails to be precise. 

I did try to alternate drinks with soft drinks but that's not always possible so had resigned myself to losing most of Sunday morning to the Death of a Thousand Dogs. What happened? 
I woke up brand new, not a niggle, not an ache. A hangover free Sunday despite my best efforts? Get in!

What's been good in your world this week, folks? 


boredmum said...

ok, totally need to know what were in those cocktails??????? heeee, Your son sounds lovely, imagine washing your blouse, bless......
Twit twoo Jackie Collins tweeted you lol

cornflakegirl said...

Great post and I love that your son thought to ad your washing to his to make up a load.

Eh, what? How did I miss the Jackie Collins thing? Go you.

Lorraine said...

Accessible stars my foot! I love these Monday posts, they always put me in great form :)

Shelleyti said...

I'm uber impressed with the celebrity tweets - Go You!!!
I really like these posts - maybe it's a lesson to us all to try and see the good things out there ('cos god knows I moan ALOT!!)

Sue Jordan said...

Thanks for the comments girls.

Eldest lad is a good egg alright, I may need to look for a dowry when it comes to marrying him off :)

Rob Jordan said...

Thanks for the honourable mention, sis :) It was fantastic as always to catch up with you and my brill nephews. Always have such a laugh. I too woke without hangover...not sure other relations fared so well :)

Dollyrouge said...

Just seeing this post now! It made me giggle and feel warm inside!

Spanx missis!

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