Thursday, November 24, 2011

Konad Nail Stamping - I Wuz Wrong

Konad nail stampers have been around for quite a while now. If I'm honest I've always avoided them because they seemed too fiddly to me, no, I'm not a fan of faffing about to get my talons done.

My Sis picked me up the Christmas special that was on recently on so I was happy to give 'em a whirl.

Luckily, as well as the M12 Christmas plate I recived  the M57 animal print one too. We all know I love animal  print nails

Konad recommend you use their polish for stamping purposes as the consistency is so thick, while reading that factoid I was put in mind of Barry Ms Metallic Nail Paint that's just too thick to sit on the nail alone. Tan-spankle-ah-dah! Idea. 

I'm highly recommending using the plate on kitchen towel so when you scrape the excess with the scraper it's caught on the paper.

1. Apply the polish to the pattern of your choice & scrape off the excess using the blade/scraper. 

2. Pressing the stamp firmly onto the plate you lift up your design.

3. Starting at the tip of your nail roll the stamper onto the nail bed in the desired position. For full nail coverage roll side to side without ever lifting the stamp.

4. After a swish of topcoat (Seche Vite preferably) admire your design!

Honestly, this couldn't be easier, folks. You need to work fairly quickly as dry polish will not transfer from the stamp but after a nail or two you'll be flying.

One tip I'll give you is to have mini polish remover pads or remover on tissue to hand to clean as you go (The plate & the scraper). This makes the design sharper and the whole process a lot quicker.

The other designs from the same plate

Head on over to for lists of local demonstrations, prices and products available. Leon has special offers available right now, such as 5 plates for €35 and boasts some of the best customer service skills I've experienced. If it wasn't for #operationshutyerpursehole I'd be over there right now!


Scarie said...

Looks fab!!!

Marian McCarthy said...

I want so much! but i cant afford the Konad ones.. I can get a cheap stamping kit but no polishes. I'd love to know if it'll work with other normal polishes??

Sue Jordan said...

Cheers Scarie :)

MsDarkFairy you just need a thick polish. Barry M Metallic is great though NYC do crazily cheap polishes (€1.29) in fabulous colours that work brilliantly too.

Lovely Girlie Bits said...

What did you say when talking to Leon the other day? I wanna knowwwww ;P

Sue Jordan said...

Good catch, Homes ;)

Brainz be melted!

In answer to your quesh I said 'It's honestly been a pleasure dealing with you'. No lie.

rita said...

msdarkfairy88, i've used them with a few different polishes besides my konad ones and they've turned out good. the main thing really is to be as quick as you can.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the complement Cherry Sue - Love the blog :)
The main reason you need (or should) use the Konad special polish is because it is a high viscosity polish and leaves a much deeper intensity of colour for the print.

You will find with most regular polishes they are very transparent when stamped and would nearly need to be stamped 2-3 times in the one spot to see the colour properly as most nail polishes need 2 coats anyway to see the intensity of colour!

There will always be a few polishes that "break this rule" and will stamp ok but with 35 colours to choose from starting at €4.95 you may as-well get the special polish and know that the intensity of the print will be perfect :)

Marian McCarthy said...

Thanks guys for the response! I'll try some normal ones i have :D

Chantelle Thomas said...

I have a konad kit but I only used it once and it was horrible need to try it again though!! :) x