Monday, November 11, 2013

Monday's Moments: 11/11/13

How do, Monday, again. You may have missed my Monday's Moments post last week but rest assured they're back to stay. Here's 5 Moments that have well and truly chased off my Monday Blues: 

1. Boots Made for Walking... 
Or Driving... Or Lounging

Thanks to this post about wide calf knee high boots from Sian over at Forever Fabulous in Bows, I managed to nab a pair of these ridiculously comfortable New Look boots online with a 20% discount this week. 

The little block heel means they're not as torturous as flats and the elasticated calf means that they pull on with ease, regardless of calf size. I'm in love with 'em. I may also have purchased another pair or two) that I'll pop in a post this week. Cheers for the heads up, Sian!

2. Having the Bants at the Benefit Boutique 

Having missed the launch night because of bandy back woes, I managed to pop into Ireland's first Benefit Boutique on Dublin's South William St this week. Ideally situated in the city centre, this bright pink boutique from the quirky make up brand has all you might need to be beautified in moments or just to stock up on your favourite Benefit products. 

The three storey store boasts several nail bars and a blow dry station with the full Benefit product line up on the ground floor, tanning booths and waxing rooms perfectly placed on the first floor for privacy and an escape from the hustle and bustle. The top floor is bedecked with a 'Beneuniversity' where every Benebabe learns the Beneways before returning to their Benefit counters nationwide. (Psst It's also where private parties can soon be booked for Benefit Masterclasses - EEP!)

Chatting with Sofia Serradas, Marketing Co-Ordinator for the brand, she said that the store has been a fantastic success since opening its doors just two weeks ago. While you can drop in any time, Sofia recommends booking appointments at the weekend as there's barely room to move in the boutique. Bright and spacious and decorated just like an oversized doll house, the Benefit Boutique is the perfect place to drop in and play. 

4. Chalk & Cheese - Birthday Style

My crazy nieces celebrated their seventh birthday this week. Despite being identical girls, born just minutes apart, they couldn't be more different personality wise if they tried and it's been that way since they were infants. 

This snap, where my Sis allowed them wear their favourite shoes to school for their birthday as a treat depicts their personalities brilliantly. Aoife is crazy about all things sparkly, whereas Orla is determined she's going to be a 'police man' when she grows up. Happy Birthday, Ladies!

4. It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like.. Butlers

On my second journey past the door this week, the Sis and I were lucky enough to be invited along to the Butlers Christmas Cooking Masterclass in Coolock. 

Yvonne of Hey Pesto walked us through 8 choctastic Christmas recipes and popped the bubbly just in time for us to taste the results. It was relaxed and friendly (mostly because that chocolate wheel in perpetual motion had me mesmerised) and has given me the goo to start my Christmas baking this week. Great experience. 

5. Bags, You're It!

Two visits outside the house this week pretty much wrote off my Sunday with a broken derrière. Unfortunately though, Casa Cherry was pretty much resembling Old Mother Hubbard's with nowt but Worcester Sauce and dry noodles in the cupboards. 

 Himself and Aaron stepped up to the shopping plate and set off to the centre to bring back the groceries. Truth be told, I've done the groceries every week since I was 17 so it wasn't very easy handing over the basket handles but, by jebus, they did well. The fridge is stocked, the presses are full, it came in UNDER BUDGET and I didn't even have to get dressed. They'll be kept. 

Tell me, what's good with you this November Monday? 


Girlwiththeskew-earring said...

Have they figured out what's wrong with your back yet?

Eleanorjane said...

Nice boots! Nothing quite as cheering as a snazzy pair of boots.

I do hope your back gets lots better soon!

stonebabies said...

I neeeeed those boots!! Really loved the delicious Butler's Chocolaty treats Yvonne (@HeyPestoie) taught us how to bake. The eggs loved what I brought home & are already begging me to make them ALL!