Thursday, November 07, 2013

Things to Make you Go LOL, Literally

It's that time of the week again, having gotten the gripes ogg my chest through the medium of Gif this morning, I'm following it up with a LOL chaser - something to make you audibly guffaw. Here's just 5 of 'em: 

1. This Cyanide & Happiness Cartoon

2. This Junior Masterchef Contender - 
(It's the hair wobble that gets me)

 photo 8Q3qAbN_zps0954f55f.gif

3. True Facts About the CuttleFish
(The Most Subtley Hysterical Video I've Ever Seen)

4. This Hide & Seek CHAMP

(Clickable Link)

Well? Anything? 

Let me know what's making you LOL this week - you know I love to hear 'em!


Icaria said...

OMG I honestly thought I wouldn't be able to look at the Cuddle Fish (I mean Cuttle) video till the end! So funny! Good find! What made me laugh this week was the Chinese Food song. The video is on my Twitter profile. :)

Heather! said...

Playing hide & seek with a cuttlefish sucks.