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Thor: The Dark World - Movie Review

Who's in it? 

, Tom Hiddleston,  and 

What's it about?

When Jane Foster stumbles across an ancient 'lost' super weapon and it melds with her body, it's up to Thor to save her, The Nine Realms and to stop the super weapon falling into the wrong hands.

Thor 2 / Thor: The Dark World (2013)

Any Good?

I'm going to be honest and admit I didn't like the first Thor at all, I found that it was a type of out-of-necessity movie to introduce one of the main characters in the Avengers movies. I found Thor 2 to be more like Iron Man 3, not needed but more to tell what the heroes of New York (without Spider-Man :() did after the events.

I did find Thor 2 to be an improvement on the concept of Thor as opposed to the first, but I really didn't find myself too interested in the story because it just seemed to fly by. The beginning seemed to be shouting 'No, this is not a movie about Loki!!', but nevertheless he is in it from the get go after the first battle and then he suddenly becomes a main character with a performance from Hiddleston that out-acts Hemsworth's by a mile.

You're going to see this movie for me, aren't you?

Hemsworth's acting was ham-fisted of sorts, not bad acting but more putting too much force into it and it seems like the script writing team knew this and wrote jokes about it into Hiddleston's playful Loki's lines. Hiddleston himself was awesome, his Loki being just the right balance of douchy but lovable, a lot like RDJ's Tony Stark but on the other team. Christopher Eccleston was brilliant as Malekith, even after watching a marathon of his Dr. Who tenure it was like he was a totally different actor and this really did go in favour of his character.

Sorry Chris, but you'll always be the Ninth in my heart

I found the editing to be a bit off, such as one minute Thor fighting in front of a spaceship and suddenly they're across the battlefield without even a sound plus I could see the twists from a mile away, but I was delighted to see Stan Lee return in a cameo, he even surprised Maaa Cherry by talking in it. Oh, and do bear in mind this is a Marvel film, so there is an important after-credits scene that was very Whovian if you ask me..

If you're following the Avengers story this is non-essential, but it is good for entertainment and the after-credits scene is what looks to be hugely important. As you know I love to hear from you all; if it be just down there in the comments or on the Facebook or Twitter, let me know what you think of the review or the movie itself,

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Victor said...

When you're ready to quit, you're closer than you think .

rusty said...

I just watched this movie yesterday, and I must say - I thought exactly what you just wrote here. Of course, I wish Loki would've been in more scenes (because I love his character, he's always been my favourite Asgardian since I was a child. I'm from Sweden, so this "religion" is sort of what we came from, and thus, we all know the myths...). And I love Tom Hiddleston as well. I'm just a bit annoyed that they put all of the punchlines on him and Darcy. I thought there was too many. If they had just scaled down on those, and left more room for some serious stuff, I would've liked the movie more.

Dan O. said...

Great review Sue. Cool to see a stand-alone Marvel movie actually acknowledge the fact that yes, the Avengers did happen, and that they still exist in this universe, even if they aren't always popping-up to say hello or kick some butt.