Tuesday, May 06, 2014

By Terry Dance Flirt Nail Lacquer Terrybly Set - Hot, Hot, HOT!

I have been lusting after the French prestige brand, by Terry for a very long time, yes, all of it. It's high end, high priced luxury that I've yet to get a handle on. Having picked up this Dance Flirt Nail Lacquer Terrybly Set on sale from Space.NK and seen the quality of formulation for price though, I may not be able to resist much longer - they don't call me 'Rubber Arms' for anything you know!

The first thing that struck me with this duo of polishes was of course the eye popping, sunshine loving, high shine having colours. The second was how very difficult it is to have high octane colours like this translate on camera and in the right light. 

Both polishes are very close in colour tone, Famous Fuchsia a bright, vibrant pink toned red and Eccentric Vermillion an electric red toned orange. You can feel the quality in these polish bottles with heavy silver embossed lids on heavy glass bottles. The slim brushes are not as wide as some of my favourites so mean several strokes to cover your nail base but once you see this creme, instantly opaque formulation in action you really won't care. 

By Terry Dance Flirt Duo - Famous Fuchsia & Eccentric Vermillion

Two thin coats is all it takes for a high voltage, high shine finish that didn't chip on me for 3 days, even without a top coat. Be sure to use a base coat with brights like this though as I can imagine staining would be a hoooge issue. 

I've had a ridiculous amount of compliments on both of these colours this past week and one 'Ehm, they'd make lovely toenail polishes' (she's right, for the less adventurous (and the rest of us) they would!). They remind me of bright skittles and I couldn't recommend 'em more for summer polish staples. 

I, for one, will be pairing them with other high octane polishes - Essie's mouthwatering lime The More the Merrier is the first that springs to mind, if only to swish 'em past Mrs Toenails up there...

You'll find the By Terry Dance Flirt Nail Lacquer Terrybly Set on Space.NK now for just £14 should you want to spice up your life. 

What say we to hot polishes? 

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Eleanorjane said...

Purty colours, but I'll stick to my Rimmel Salon Pro. They have thick formulations, bright trendy colours and nice wide brushes that cover in a stroke.

I'm wearing a summery coral colour at the mo, even though it's kind of grey and drizzly...